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CongolesePain under King Leopold

Throughimperialism, Congo has now fallen under the Belgium rule. Thesituation is getting worse here as these visitors are taking ourlands and using us as slave laborers. We are being forced to work onbig plantations without food or wages. has separated mefrom my family, and I fear I will never see them again.

Thebiggest pain of us all is King Leopold. He has stolen the freedom ofevery Congolese. Our father`s land has been divided among foreigncompanies. I am working in my own father`s land but as a slave. I amliving in fear in my own home. I fear being whipped with a chicotteor meeting my maker before my time.

Ihave tried to escape from this suffering, and go across River Congo,but came back to escape the French. All I would want is my freedom,that of my family, and of our country. I would like us to governourselves as we did before. We can no longer venture into rubbertrade as King Leopold has disrupted everything. I want to see thegenocide of my people come to an end. Many people have died dueliberation struggles, hard labor, and starvation.

Afterlots of struggles, things have started to change. One contribution isthe 1900 U.S press agency story on Leopold’s atrocities. The arrestof whites in 1903 who were responsible for killings in the time ofrubber collection has put hopes on my face. The relinquishing ofpower by King Leopold and putting Congo under Belgium’s directpower in 1908 is a great achievement for all of us living in Congo.

Thereare more changes now as roads are being constructed and the abuses ofCongolese have reduced. I can see I bright future, as there is acivilized power now. I can see myself serving in the government inthe future. The Belgian government is not forcing us to practicetheir culture. I can see Congo gaining its independence soon.


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