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Improving unethical activities at Wal-Mart

Improvingunethical activities at Wal-Mart


Companiesare not immune to problems, especially ethical issues. The survivalof a firm depends on the early detection of ethical problems andcorrecting them before deteriorating. Wal-Mart has been accused ofnumerous unethical behaviors over the past and has failed to acceptand fix these problems[ CITATION Sta14 l 1033 ].As a result, Wal-Mart reputation has been tainted, and its survivaldepends on the recovery efforts to save its image. The paper seeks todetermine various recommendationsthat Wal-Mart could utilize to improve the reported unethicalactivities.


Wal-Marthas been accused of ethical problems such as discrimination ofemployees based on their gender. Discriminatory practices emanatefrom the human resource, in selection and recruitment process foremployees. The organization can ensure that the management adheres tothe right procedures when recruiting new employees. The selection ofpeople based on meritocracy is a big step in accomplishing ethicalstandards and behaviors in the organization. For instance, the firmcould initiate background checks, employ screening tools, and usebehavior-oriented interview questions to determine the moralstandards of the prospect employees[ CITATION Lus13 l 1033 ].Additionally, the firm needs to create a culture if accountability,transparency, and communication. The implementation of culturalmanagement practices could prove difficult to an organization.Nevertheless, Wal-Mart ought to inculcate a habit of openness amongits employees to ensure success.


Wal-Martemployees are poorly remunerated. According to research studies, anaverage employee in the firm earns $ 12,000 to $ 17,000 per year[ CITATION Set13 l 1033 ].The company needs to offer its employees a substantial and fair wagepackage that meets their social and health needs. According toreports, the firm has been accused of not paying their employees forovertime job. It is the responsibility of the firm, through themanagement team, to ensure employees are promptly paid for theirwork. Wal-Mart leadership needs a complete overhaul, as most of thetop management cadre are greedy and have been associated withunethical behaviors. Leaders have the responsibility of influencingethical practices within the firm. Therefore, severe screening ofemployees will ensure the corrupt and unethical workers aredismissed.

Inadequatehealth care

Healthcare insurance is another major concern among Wal-Mart employees. Thefirm provides an expensive health insurance plan that employees findexorbitant to pay. As a result, the company could employ somemeasures to ensure all employees get health care benefits. Forinstance, the company can increase employees’ wages to ensure theyhave sufficient funds to cater for health insurance[ CITATION Ens14 l 1033 ].Wal-Mart effort to save employees from hefty health insurance byintroducing discounted services has not effectively solved theproblem. Therefore, workers require a raise so as to purchaseaffordable and quality health insurance plan. Poor working conditionsin the firm have adversely affected its profits. Preventingemployees’ lawsuits on discrimination, unpaid wages, and theillegal immigrant problem could save the company huge sums of money.

Laborunion oppositions

Thefirm needs to implement policies and practices that identify andreport unethical behaviors within the organization. It is importantto develop a culture of reporting unethical issues so as to mitigatecases of corruption and mismanagement of office. Policies shouldensure the protection of individuals who raise ethical concerns andthe same articulated in the employee handbook. Wal-Mart hasprohibited its employees from engaging in labor unions, despite thefact that it is unethical[ CITATION Sta14 l 1033 ].Workers should be allowed to form labor unions as it is their rights,according to the National Labor Relations Act. Therefore, Wal-Martneeds to revise its policies and management procedures to ensure fairand equal employment practices.


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