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In sickness and In Wealth

Insickness and In Wealth

InSickness and In Wealth


This56 minutes long essay tries to elaborate why people get sick.Typically, it tries to explain how the social circumstances affectthe well-being of the individuals in the community. From the film, itis evident that the status of our health is dependent on the positionone occupies in the community since that determines how easily aperson can access quality services (Stevens,2011).The movie moves to Louisville, Kentucky, to explore the same issue byrelating the social class of an individual with regards to theirhealth. Lastly, the movie uses exposure to environmental hazards tomake the viewer understand that a person’s status in the communitydetermines their exposure to certain illnesses.

Culturalrelated concepts in the movie

Fromthe first interaction with the movie, one can conclude that theirsocial class can impact the status of their health. In the film InSickness and In Wealth,it is evident that only the rich in the society will have access toquality health care services. Additionally, the poor will have littleor no access to the health facilities, and thus they will continuesuffering from particular diseases. Typically, it is believed that aperson’s class will determine their health. Therefore, those of thetop class in the community will be healthier compared to the bottomclass who have bad health conditions.

Impacton the health care

Typically,the cultural concept has an adverse implication in the health caresystems. It will translate to the rise in the cost of treatment andacquisition of the medical drugs. As a result of members of the topclass of the community will have access to better health care whileothers will continue suffering since they are unable to pay thebills.


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