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Informatics in Professional Nursing



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There is a consensus that information and communication technologyhave a positive impact on all aspects of life, including theprovision of health care services. This paper looks at some of theways in which informatics are applied in nursing, their potentials inthe future and ethical issues associated with them.

There are several ways through which nurses can use informatics intheir daily routine. Communication channels such as mobile phones andemails can be used to provide unlimited connections with thepatients. Health data can also be recorded and stored electronically.The internet has evolved into a primary source of information throughwhich nurses can update their skills or enhance their knowledge onemerging issues in healthcare (Sermeus et al, 2016).

The opportunities associated with the use of technology in nursingand provision of health care services is limitless. In the future,nurses will depend on online case studies, diagnosis and treatmentguides which will improve patient safety by reducing medical errors.Increased role of ICT in nursing will lessen the cost of medicalservices as well as shortage of health care workers (Hood, 2014). Forexample, through telemedicine, nurses will be able to provideservices remotely. This will reduce the number of individualsvisiting clinics. It will also reduce the time required to process orgenerate data (Hood, 2014).

Nonetheless, several ethical and moral issues are likely to emerge asa result of increased use of informatics in nursing. It is importantto note that although they are major concerns, some of them areadequately addressed before any technology is adopted. A big concernis the privacy and security of patient information storedelectronically. For example, it may be necessary to encrypt some datato prevent unintended use. A major ethical issue that is likely toemerge is the partnership between ICT experts and medical workers.This is because more entities are likely to have an access toconfidential information about the client (Sermeus et al, 2016).

The use of information technology in nursing is inevitable.Additionally, there are numerous opportunities in the use ofinformatics in the provision of health care services. However, thereare some ethical issues that need to be considered.


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