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 Information Systems/SIX SIGMA


&nbspInformation Systems/SIX SIGMA

‘‘Information Systems/SIX SIGMA’’

Six Sigma is a program used by companies to improve quality,reduce cost and better the customer`sexperience when dealing with the enterprise.The program measures the qualityof performance in a firm. The paper will explain the highest sigmarating which the Jamaican customer centercan claim as well as suggest if they should support Acme Mexico City(AMC). In this line, Jamaica support centershould continue supporting the Acme’s clients, only if the factorsremain constant.

Considering the performance of the customer support center,Jamaica should claim at least a sigma rating of level six. I reachedthe ratings by using the sigma calculator, whereby I incorporated thenumber of opportunities and defects provided. Notably, in every100000 calls received at the customer center,only five defected. The data means thatthere were only 0.01% errors with a 100%yield (Carnes, 2016). According to Gygi&amp Williams (2012), when dealing with Sigma,an individual can know that it is sigma level six when it yields100%. The rationale below shows how I did arriveat the rating

  • I divided the defects with opportunity to get the percentage defect

5defects/100000 calls *no. Of units = 0.00005

  • The next step was to calculate the level of stigma that tends to correlate with the above value, known as the ‘Defect Per Opportunity’ (DPO)

  • A sigma level table or the NORMSINV in Excel can be used to arrive at this number.

NORMSINV * 0.00005 = 3.89

  • Finally, a value of 1.5 sigma level is then added for deviation due to shift times. Therefore, the call center ha a sigma level of 5.39. (3.89+1.50=5.39).

The Acme Mexico City (AMC) intends to start its operations nextyear. I would recommend that the Jamaicasupport center should continue supportingthe Acme’s clients, only if the factors remain constant. Firstly,this will help the company to grow faster since it is new. As notedbefore, sigma six is ideal software in improving qualityand is what attracts the customers (Furterer,2016). Sigma level table shows 5.38 as a good score. Onthe contrary, this may not be the case with Acme, since theymight see the value of 5.38 as a more of low score and may force themto decide on working with only those at the top level of 6.5 or 8.


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