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Informative Speech Outline

InformativeSpeech Outline

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Dangersof texting and driving

The danger of texting and driving.

Generalpurpose:To inform

SpecificPurpose:By the end of my speech, the audience will understand the dangers oftexting and driving.

Thesisstatement: Mobile phone as a gadget has tremendous benefits and can be used inmany instances to save lives. But other dangers are associated withmisuse or use of the device at an inappropriate time. The top risk inthe list of risks related to mobile phone is texting while driving.

Attentiongetter:Automobile accidents! Automobile accidents!

Introductionof topic:This word is no new to any of us. And I know there are so manyquestions that are running through your mind as I mention that wordmobile phone. Some are thinking about its advantages while othersare focusing on its disadvantages. To remove the doubts, my speechwill be on the dangers of texting while driving.

Credibilityand relevance: Whenwe were young and were growing up, some behaviors were candidlydescribed as unethical. For instance stealing. Lying was regarded asa sin. We knew that smoking and drugs could lead to death. And socould alcohol (Harrison,2011).More importantly alcohol and driving. These behaviors were nevervirtuous, and almost everyone in the community affirmed that. Ofcourse, as children, we would rebel, but there was no counterargument from the adults that could have negated that warning. Inthe present day, the use of technology has not been clearly definedyet it carries a huge impact either negative or positive on humanbeings. For instance with the ways mobile phone have been designedthat they can monitor many activities at ago and help a great deal insaving lives. Using it inappropriately like texting while driving canlead to death.

Preview:To pass the information about the dangers of texting and driving, Iwill give you practical examples that will help you understand andheed the warning of texting while driving.

Transition:Let us start with the dangers associated with texting while driving.


  1. It is common sense that texting and reading messages while driving is dangerous and causes a lot of car accidents.

A.Automobile accidents caused by texting while driving.

1. According to a poll conducted by Harrison (2014), a logical numberof American s admitted to reading and sending text messages whiledriving. The number was bigger than that of drivers who drink anddrive. According to Harrison’s poll (2014) it was reported thatapproximately 660,000 drivers engage cell phones or othermanipulating electronic devices while they are driving.

2.Age appears to be a nonfactor for distracted driving. Statisticsindicate that eleven percent of the automobile accidents thatoccurred were caused by drivers between the age of 18 to 20 who weresending and receiving texts.

II.Driving focus shifts whenever one gives a response to their cellphone.

A.Effects of distracted driving

1.When a driver takes the eye off the road for a mere five seconds, totake a look at an incoming text message, is equivalent to drivingblindfolded for a distance equal to the length of a football fieldthat has obstacles. That is how hazardous it can be to respond totext, messages while driving (Rumschlag,2015).

2.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave a report thatnearly all the police-reported traffic crashes were as a result ofdistracted driving.

B.Hefty fines resulting from use of phones while driving.

1.Drivers caught sending and receiving text messages are fined forendangering their lives and those of others.

2.Automobile accidents can result to injuries from people outside thevehicle. The driver is responsible of the damages caused.


Transitionto conclusion and summary of importance: Inconclusion, mobile phones are a great product of technology but ifused inappropriately can be of danger to human beings.

Reviewof main points:Now that we are aware of the hazards of texting while driving, thenwe shall make good use of our phones.

Closingstatement: It is important to value our lives and those of others. If only weopened our eyes to the dangers of texting and driving, we willexperience fewer car accidents every year, and our roads will besafer (Bayer,2012).


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