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Political Correctness.

Political correctness refers to the evasion of various forms ofaction or expressions that may be perceived to marginalize, insult orexclude people who belong to groups that are socially discriminatedagainst or disadvantaged (&quotPolitical Correctness&quot). Thepolitical arena has had various arguments of this terminology. As aresult of these discussions and debates,various pros and cons of political correctness have ensued. However,much focus is put on the ways that political correctness matter inthe political realm and the reasons as to why the people in thedisadvantaged groups like the persons of color (POC), lesbians, gays,bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, and women have a strongfeeling of the term (&quotPoliticalCorrectness&quot).

First off, political correctness is a refreshing shift of pace inthe treatment of other beings with respect (&quotThe Pros and Consof Political Correctness&quot). Since the inception of colonialism,racism, chauvinism and other forms of social vices, various groups ofpeople have been disrespectfully treated.In the wake of protests and constitutional amendments, there wereagreements on equal rights of every personin the society. To actualize these agreements, a change of humanheart and belief about others has to be the first step, and politicalcorrectness is a manifestation of the change.Therefore, it ignites a drive to equality (&quotPoliticalCorrectness&quot).

Political correctness increases the chances of a saner posterity(&quotThe Pros and Cons of Political Correctness&quot). If thecurrent generation is cautious not to speak ill of the marginalizedgroups, the future generation will most probably learn from theseprinciples because speeches and writings are always recorded andstored on the internet and other forms of media for future access.They will adjust to a more balanced society that every liberalistwishes to see. Additionally, the bigots who are always on theforefront of hurting other people will be tamed,and although it shall just be a pleasant illusion that the society ison the course of progress, it is for the better. This statement alsomasks many other ways in which orchestrators of social division aremonstrous (&quotPolitical Correctness&quot).

The disadvantaged groups have a robust andpositive feeling about political correctness. Jill Uchiyama, a whitewoman who grew up in the 80s when discrimination was real,says that “joking about other people’s race is not funny” (&quotIsPolitical Correctness Good or Bad for Society? Why?&quot).Additionally, she says she feels comfortable and has a sense ofbelonging as a woman when renown peopleembrace and execute political correctness. It makes her feelimportant and that the society is concerned about her and othergroups that endure the same social discrimination as she does (&quotIsPolitical Correctness Good Or Bad For Society? Why?&quot).

Political correctness elevates the moraleto stand up for personal rights accordingto the National Association for theAdvancement of Colored People (NAACP) (&quotNAACP | FederalAdvocacy&quot). No constitution lackshuman rights. Therefore, our laws do not allow discrimination,but personal views and historical records orchestrate it. In thisregard, a person of color, for example,gets motivated to sue whoever offends him/her based on discriminatorycues because even the leaders stand against it by using politicalcorrectness. This is a step in standing forpersonal rights (&quotNAACP | Federal Advocacy&quot).

In conclusion, political correctness is a move that promotes socialprogress, and it entails avoidance ofdiscriminatory actions or statements against disadvantaged groupslike women and the LGBT. Some of the ways that it matters are it isan initial step in the treatment of otherpeople with respect and it increases the probability of a moreresponsible posterity. The disadvantaged groups feel comfortable whenpolitical correctness is executed. Inaddition, it improves their morale of fighting social vices.

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