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Women’sImpact on the American Revolution

Thesignificant impact of the American women became more apparent asAmerica revolutionized. The American Revolution gave some of them theopportunity to showcase their ability to assume works andresponsibilities that was previously regarded to be male. Some womentook charge the family business and farms, others even went ahead anddefended their homes and neighborhoods, others went to serve as maidsand cooked for the American Army, some other women were gatheringintelligence for the fighters while others became nurses andsoldiers in the battlefield.

Duringthe revolution, most women took up active roles in the American army.Some of them were the wives or daughters of the army officers orsoldiers. They maintained their presence in the military camps andthey came to be known as “camp followers”. The responsibilitiesof these women mainly included cooking, laundry, mending for thesoldiers, nursing the sick soldiers, and taking care of children.Although they performed important duties, they were lowly paid andwere often supplied with small food ratios depending on the tasksthat they performed.

Somewomen also cooked to assist the American Army, and perhaps, to earnsome money. Soldiers formed groups known as “messes” as theyjoined the army. These groups were generally made up of six soldierswho were to share housekeeping chores, such as collecting water,chopping firewood and cooking meals. However, the messes could paywomen to cook for them. This was also seen to be important as itworks of these women gave more time for the men to prepare well andsoldier on.

` Anotherway that women impacted on the army was through nursing. During therevolution, female nurses were preferred to the male ones in thearmy, this was due to the fact that nursing was traditionally knownto be a woman’s responsibility and also because the men could benot left behind to nurse others but be present in the battlefield.Therefore, the army commanders saw that the best thing to do was tohire female nurses to perform difficult nursing responsibilities.Some women volunteer for the role while other took up the job hopingto receive regular wages from the Continental army. Nursing had manyhazards including being exposed to various deadly diseases such assmallpox and all types of camp fevers.

Anothergroup of women did laundry and mended for the soldiers and officersin return for food. They were hired to live in the camps and washclothes for the soldiers and officers. The women did not only inreturn for food provision but also charged some amount of money foreach piece of cloth that they washed. Therefore, the women helped thesoldiers in washing and the army also recognized them for theservices washing that they provided.

Womencontributed a lot as they provided all the services above to thesoldiers and officers in the American Revolution, they were contentedin doing so while they remained in their traditional femaleresponsibility. However, there were some of them who made a decisionto break out of their traditional female gender role and come totheir country’s defense by taking up arms against their enemy.There are a few examples of such women who, by virtue ofcircumstances, joined the army to fight the enemy as women. Also,there were those who concealed their gender and joined the army asmen.


Beforethe revolution, most women stayed at home to take care of theirfamilies or performed tasks that were considered to be their role,such as maids or cooks. However, as more men joined the army and wentto the battlefield, women found it necessary to apply for jobs thatwere previously filled by men and since there was a shortage of menin the workforce. The businesses had no other choice but to hirethem. This thus changed the way that the women were viewed in thesociety as it showed that they could do more things than justcooking, washing and bearing children.

Afterthe American Revolution, women now took up more important roles, theprevious though of women being inferior to men began changing. Thelaw that was in place before and during the revolution did notrecognize the equality of men and women in areas such as economics,civil rights, and politics. The revolution had a huge impact on thisas it led the women across the country to fight for their rights. Thewomen, therefore, had an impact on the post American Revolution withtheir fight for equality of the sexes. Women also got more jobs infactories, hospitals and offices after the war.

Lookingat the afore mentioned facts, it is thus clear that women had a hugeimpact on the American Revolution, during and after the war. Theytook up many responsibilities and helped the Continental army in manyways. They also defended their homes and neighborhoods. After thewar, they fought for equality of the sexes. Therefore, they did a lotof work and helped during and after the American Revolution.