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Interaction with Future Mate

Interactionwith Future Mate


Interactionwith Future Mate

Choosingthe right spouse to live with for the rest life is not the only keyto a divorce-proof marriage but could also help to protect one fromfamily related predicaments. Spouse interaction on a wide berth ofissues is thus significant to knowing whether or not one is having ahealthy relationship. This is important to understanding the otherperson’s perspective which will ultimately bring mutual respect andunderstanding.

Agreementon Economic Matters

Mostof our discussions on economic issues have mainly not ended sosmoothly. On several occasions, we have had sharp disagreements onwhether my spouse should be working. As an entrepreneur, I envisionthat my wife should stay at home to take care of the family, an issuethat she severely opposes. She feels that as an environmentalscientist, seeking employment will give her an opportunity to solveworld challenges particularly with regards to climate change andrelated issues which were one of her primary specialty.


Thisis the most interesting bit of our courtship. Being a sporty and funloving person, we met during a community sports event, and we spendmost of our weekends either watching football or having a good time.We strongly support recreational activities as we also view it as keyto our healthy living. Additionally, being a good dancer, weoccasionally go partying.


Religionis a paramount aspect that may make or break marriages. I was born ina Catholic family, and my spouse is a daughter of a pastor of anAnglican gospel church, our strong beliefs in the church we attendoften leave us more divided as no one feels that he or she is readyto sacrifice. To compromise, we have both decided that we shall beseeking new experience in other churches of our interest is theSeventh Day Adventist since we believe in One God.


Webelieve in the continuity of our lineage therefore, we desire tohave three kids. My spouse being an admirer of the girls would wishthat we have at least two girls and a boy even though I tell her thatGod decides on the gender of the children. Notably, she is willing tohave more than three if she fails to get a girl within the firstthree births.

Demonstrationof Affection

Ilove my spouse and being a quiet person I am not of the idea that wepublicly show our affection for each other more so before ourrelatives, something she opposes. She feels that if I have chosen heras mine, there should be no boundaries. I believe she will understandwith time, and this will not be a cause of our disagreement. Anyanother issue on demonstration of affection is perfect among us.

MattersRelating to In-Laws

Bystaying together, we both understand the immense significance thatour in-laws play in our marriages. We accept them as part of ourfamily and occasionally consult them whenever we need their guidance.We both opine that they are essential to helping our children grow tobetter people


Wehave never used violence to solve our problems we believe in talkingthem out and finding an amicable solution. When a solution is notforthcoming, we seek for arbitrary services of our parents. However,as it now we have never had a serious conflict that requires theassistance of the third party.