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Intercultural Outreach Campaign

InterculturalOutreach Campaign

TheIntercultural Situation

The campaign will urge the government to register the illegalimmigrants in New York since the nation has progressed because of themulticultural identity and they will have an immense economic benefittoo. It will sensitize the residents on the advantages that they willhave after the illegal immigrants are registered. The new governmenthas even promised to deport the illegal immigrants hence, thecampaign will try to persuade the officials and the native-bornpopulation to oppose the move. It will highlight how the nation has amulticultural identity that has made it more powerful, and the ideaof incorporating other cultures and races will be helpful indeveloping even the economy.

Broader Context

The immigrants have often faced hostility from the locals, and someof them even suggest that they are the ones taking all the jobs. Infact, the world-systems theory suggests that the internationalmigration often takes place because of the globalization and thecapitalism too. Hence, the US government has strived to create astrong economy that has multiple opportunities, and that has mademost of the immigrants to enter into the nation hoping that they willget a chance of succeeding. The history-structural theorists alsoinsist that the migration arises from the uneven distribution of theeconomic power (Ortega &amp Peri, 2013). In this case, the US has astronger economy and more job opportunities hence, the current highnumber of immigrants. Even the segmented labor-market theory insiststhat the economies of the first-world nations are created in adualistic approach that incorporates everyone (Ortega &amp Peri,2013). In particular, the theory reveals that the locals should notbe afraid of the immigrants taking all the job opportunities. Itasserts that the native-born population will often settle for theprimary market that has the well-paying jobs and requires more skillsand education too. However, the immigrants will retain the secondarylabor market that has the low pay as well as the poor conditions thatthe locals have ignored. More important, it reveals that they willnot be a risk to the lucrative job positions, and they will only takethe less-paying jobs instead. The theories set the record straightand reveal that the nation should expect more immigrants in thefuture since America is an economic power with more employmentopportunities. Apart from that, the country has often promoted theAmerican Dream that facilitates the assumption that they will findeverything they wanted. In the process, the immigrants believe thatthey will find more opportunities in the US.

A Summary of the Media Strategy

The campaign will be termed “Powerful Together,” and it will aimat persuading the government to register the illegal immigrants inNew York. More importantly, it will focus on the social media, use ofposters and seminars to reach a different people. The social mediawill target the online users, and it will sensitize them on the needto embrace the immigrants since they are just trying to improve theirlives, and taking them back to their home countries might make thesituation much worse. The seminars will move from one organization toanother while sensitizing the employees on the registration of thegroup and insisting that their work will not be at risk. Lastly, theposters will target different residence areas where people canunderstand the theme and the objectives of the campaign. Moreimportant, it will insist that America is a nation known for itsmulticultural identity. Some of the leaders and successful people arealso registered immigrants hence, chasing them away seems to goagainst the values of the nation. In the process, the campaign willprovide a proper background that will ensure that the targetedaudience understands the entire issue. The seminars in eachneighborhood will remind the native-born residents that even thelikes of George Bush and Barrack Obama are also connected toimmigrants that came to seek the opportunities. It will also insisthow the American Dream will be achieved if the nation assembles awide range of skills and experience from the multiple races andethnicities in the world. In fact, different people have uniqueperspectives, and that will help in fostering the nation towards thesuccess that will uplift everyone.

The Potential Limitations of the Campaign

The campaign might still face some limitations along the way sincenot everyone loves the immigrants. Some people have the stereotypicassumptions that the immigrants are in the nation to reduce theopportunities. Others might complain that they are the ones engagingin criminal activities and they believe that deporting them will bethe answer to their problems. Instead, they have forgotten the lackof opportunities is what has forced them to join gangs as a means oflivelihood. Their registration will allow most of them to seek betterjobs and that will reduce the level of crime. In this case, thecampaign has tried to determine the proper audience that willfacilitate the implementation of such policies. However, in mostcases, the elected leaders tend to ignore the voice of theelectorates. Hence, the organizers will be hopeful that the pressurefrom the civilians and the campaign will urge them to initiate thechange needed.


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