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Intervention and System Research

Interventionand System Research


Interventionand System Research

Maintainingthe provision of excellent services in public health sector, it isimportant to understand the strategies that can be helpful in thehealthcare sector. One of the methods used in the area of health isresearch. Different types of research can be applicable in improvingpublic health. This paper differentiates between intervention andsystem research and how they have assisted the health sector.

Thedifference between an intervention research and a system research isthat an intervention research involves a researcher following anorganized change in conditions to find out the effects on skills,physical capacity or performance, necessary to a healthcare provider(Riley, et.al, 2015). System research is a study of different systemsand identifying patterns and setting up principals that can be usedin understanding certain other different systems (&quotPublic HealthServices and Systems Research,&quot 2016).

Anexample of intervention research in public health is the research onlifestyle factors that affect human health. Lifestyle research ondiseases like cancer, diabetes obesity, and other diseases have madea great impact on public health. The research on lifestyle haschanged the life of many individuals since they can understand thecauses of some common diseases. Therefore, people can avoid thelifestyle that might lead to a health complication (Riley, et.al,2015).

Systemsresearch or system theory has assisted the public health sectorswhere different system connected to human health have been identifiedand used in the prevention, diagnosis, and predictions of diseases.Some of the systems used in health sector include the family,community, and the culture. By using family history, healthcareproviders can be able to diagnose and treat diseases like cysticfibrosis. Therefore, the system theory has important advantages tothe community since we can be able to diagnose and treat diseasesthat might be affecting the human beings (&quotPublic HealthServices and Systems Research,&quot 2016).


Interventiontheory has been used in health identifying lifestyle factorsinfluencing our health. System research has applied the use offamily, community and culture in the treatment of illness. Therefore,the system theory is useful in making diagnosis and treatment ofdiseases easy.


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