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Interview Session

Interview questions presentcritical stage in the job search for most of the people determined towork in organizations. Chief Executive Officers conduct interviewsessions so that they can select the successful individual among theapplicants for the stated position. The management utilizes differenttechniques such as oral questions and the video interview questions.Some queries about the company requirements and job post are asked tocheck the credibility of the candidate.

Answering interview questionshelps me in establishing a proper understanding and self-explanationof the ideas I have in my mind. During the interview session, I couldformulate a correct and logical presentation of ideas to theinterviewer. I can say during the interview, I realized the besttechniques of answering technical questions which relate to thecompany and require personal thinking.

During the interview, I cameacross the question “What are your strengths? Weaknesses?” Amongthe many questions I was asked, this is the question I answeredadequately. I had a lot of ideas and experiences which I couldpresent effectively without delay. Personally, I am competent indifferent knowledge based skills which I have acquired in my line ofprofession. Having both bachelor’s and master’s degrees is mygreatest strength. With such knowledge, I was sure I would beshortlisted for the successful candidate. Other factors such astransferable skills and personal traits acquired in different piecesof training could also set me as part from the crew.

However, I realized I hold someweaknesses which may influence my performance in the workplace. Thequestion about my understanding about the company was not effectivelyanswered. Despite the research about the company on the activitiesand the services offered I could not complete the activities. Some ofthe information and the secrets of the company could not be expressedeffectively. from the information available on the internet about thecompany, I had not understood how some of the listed services wereprovided.

Before the interview, Iresearched information about the organization from the internet. Someof the information could be found on the company website.Additionally, some friends working at the firm also explained to mehow the company works and recruits its staff. The researchinformation helped me to answer the questions based on myunderstanding of the company operations.

After a few moments ofinteraction, I was supposed to close the interview and appreciatedthe interview panel for the time and knowledge I gained during thesession. After the interaction, I learned the significance ofunderstanding the company you are planning to work for. Additionally,I realized it is important to utilize the knowledge and skills we getfrom the class and environment. Another significant issue was the wayin which I was able to present myself to the interviewer. Despite themany qualifications I had and the skills learned in different areas,there is a need to know how to present them to an interviewer. Suchan ability sells a job seeker to the recruiter.

After the interview, I learnedthe skills of expression and the manner of tackling issues when theycome on the way. Personal knowledge on handling situations is verycritical, and I found that I needed to develop strengths in suchareas. When an employee poses such skills, it helps in confrontingthe environment’s harsh conditions. Extended and adverse resultsmay not be experienced when prevented in advance. As a result, thecompany would run smoothly and realize proper returns at the end ofthe year.


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