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Introduction to Women Studies

Introductionto Women Studies

Introductionto Women Studies

Responseto question 1A

Womenproduce surplus value to the economy by performing the household’srole as well as working in their areas of employment for the purposeof meeting the needs of their family, and this makes them operate ina dual system since they provide two sets of labor. However, thelabor that they provide by undertaking house chore is not governed bythe rule. They are not paid for accomplishing such roles even thoughthey contribute to capitalism. An example of commodity production isthe use of a machine to make clothes while an example of SexAffective production is mothering or childrearing.

Responseto question 1B

Iagree with Ferguson and Folbre that women have been empowered and atthe same time disempowered. Women have been empowered by beinggranted the right to provide waged labor and not just perform thehousehold activities. It has been established that these activitiescan be done by waged labor such as domestic servant, nannies, andgardeners. On the other hand, they have been disempowered by theoppressive nature of capitalism which does not grant them equalemployment opportunities as men.

Responseto question 2A

Accordingto Freud a normal feminine person or women are individuals whopossess a set of attributes that are associated with the femalebeings. This is different from Rubin`s definition of a woman as anobject subjected to systematicsocial oppression.

Responseto question 3

Thepurpose of labor is to promote the human welfare which definesmasculinity and femininity, through the division of labor based onsexual orientation. Women perform a household task that promotes thegeneral welfare of the family while men ensure that women areperforming their roles as expected. I do not agree with Fraser sincethe welfare system oppresses the women besides, it exalts men byfavoring them hence creating social inequality.

Responseto question 4

MacKinnonasserts that men have power over women and are able to controleverything in the society due to the unequal social arrangement. Theyuse their power to define the elements of sexuality the societal lawand institutions are constructed based on the relationship that menhave with women. This system of power can be broken when women get tounderstand their rights and rise to seize power from the men.


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