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Issues in Criminal Justice

Issuesin Criminal Justice

Phase2-AgencyPerspective and Role&nbsp

TheVirtual Criminal justice system is a justice agency that has beenworking for the past 11 months tobringvarious criminal charges against the members of the Very Bad BikeClub (VBBC)through the Virtual Police Department is.The VBBC is a notorious criminal gang that commits numerous crimesincluding taking part in criminal enterprise conspiring in themanufacturing and sale of illegal drugs. Additionally, the VBBC havemany conducted many individual criminal violations such as robbery,possession of illegal drugs, aggravated assault, possession offirearms and attempted murder. The perspective of the chief criminalprosecutor is to eliminate the criminal gang (VBBC) from the city.The Virtual Police Department conducts investigations on the membersof the VBBC through investigative resources and strategies in orderto arrest and charge every member of this criminal gang. The VirtualPolice Department has put in much effort to stop the criminalactivities conducted by the VBBC.

Thetraditional and Practical Approaches for Dealing with CriminalActivity Problem

TheVirtual Police Department has been using various investigativeresources and strategies to deal with criminal activity issues. Itconducts investigations of complaints, individual calls-for-service,and crimes. Additionally, they formed collaborations with otherjustice departments to promote collective efforts towards bringingthe criminals to justice.

Inaddition, the agency uses raids as an approach and strategy fortackling the criminal activities in the city. For instance, aboutseven years ago, the Virtual Police Department conducted raided theVBBC members where they were able to confiscate weapons and drugs andarrested 12 of the VBBC members. However, the raids have provedineffective.

ReasonsWhy There Has Been Reluctance to Change Approaches/Strategies

Therehas been a reluctance to change the approaches or strategies in thevirtual police department. The reluctance has been contributed to byfactors such as no information of the cases on VBBC have beenpresented to the Office of the District Attorney. Similarly, noinformation on these cases has been involved with the Grand jury.Therefore, such situations cause the agency to lack the motivation ofimplementing change.

Moreover,the police department lacks support from the Virtual criminal justicesystem. The police department has been working exclusively on theVBBC case and this has resulted in the reluctance to implementchange. For instance, in the previous years, many of the casespresented to the Virtual prosecutor’s office by the policedetective were dismissed entirely for lack of plea bargain orprobable cause. This discouraged police detectives from implementingchange in approaches or strategies to effectively deal with criminalactivities. Furthermore, many of the parole agreement that forbidsassociation with known criminal such as the VBBC have not beenenforced. This hinders the police department from changing thestrategies to deal with the VBBC criminal gang effectively.

Motivationfor Affecting a Different Approach or Strategy

Theprovision of resources such as equipment and security personnel willencourage the police department to develop and implement change. Itwould supplement the available resources in the Virtual policedepartment thus enhancing its effectiveness in curbing the VBBCcriminal activities.

Payingattention to an establishment of a single goal of stopping the VBBCfrom conducting criminal activities and victimization of Virtualcitizens would motivate the police department to foster change inapproaches towards handling criminals. Implementation of changestrategy would enhance the success of the Virtual police departmentin addressing the problem.

Additionally,working in collaboration with other criminal justice departmentswould contribute to the formulation of a strategic plan to minimizecrime in Virtual and also pursue the present police investigationsand prosecutions. Furthermore, training of police detectives willimprove their skills and ability to carry out a proper investigation,interrogations and developing probable cause thereby motivating themto implement change in approaches.

Therole of the chief criminal prosecutor from the Office of the DistrictAttorney

TheDistrict Attorney`s office functions to prosecute criminals chargedwith accounts of crimes and violation of state statutes.Additionally, the District Attorney offers assistance to the JuvenileDepartment of the state conducts trial work and prepares legaldocuments. Moreover, the District Attorney Office works inpartnership with in other law enforcement agencies within the state(Clayton,2015).The prosecutor is the legal party in the Office of the DistrictAttorney that has the responsibility of presenting the case againstan offender. They also initiate and direct further criminalinvestigations and guide and recommend sentencing of offenders(Sklansky,2016).

Therole of the chief criminal prosecutor from the Office of the DistrictAttorney, Raymond Burr would be to provide additional training to hisdetectives to in order to improve their skills in conducting theproper interrogation, to effectively establish probable cause andperform charging of criminals appropriately. The chief criminalprosecutor would have the responsibility of establishing differentpractical ways through which the criminal justice system would beable to prosecute the VBBC effectively. These methods would enablethe chief prosecutor to build a good solid case that the DistrictAttorney would be able to prosecute efficiently and address theproblem of criminal activities in society. Moreover, the chiefprosecutor will ensure that the information on charges against theVBBC brought the police detective to the prosecution office isconveyed to the Office of the District Attorney.

Phase3 – Research/Resource Availability&nbsp

ResourcesAvailable Within the Law Enforcement Agency in Address the GroupProject Problem

Availabilityof resources within the law enforcement agency is crucial infacilitating successful curbing of crimes in society. The resourcesavailable in the Virtual Police Department to address the criminalactivities carried out by the VBBC criminal group includeinvestigative resources and strategies. The Virtual Police has formedpartnerships with other departments in the criminal justice system toprovide collective effort. The Virtual Police Department haspartnered with the Operations Director of Virtual Security Force, thechief of the criminal prosecutor, the head of the Virtual PoliceDepartment, the Security Chief of the state correctional facility andthe District Supervisor for the state department of parole. Thispartnership has provided the Virtual Police Department with supportto stop the criminal activity by the VBBC members. It has fosteredcollective investigations on the gang members including criminalinvestigations, complaints, and individual calls-for-service.

Additionally,the Virtual Police Department has parole agreement, which is animportant resource in dealing with the VBBC gang group. Theprovisions of parole agreement forbid associations with knowncriminals. Therefore, enforcement of the provisions of the paroleagreement would allow the Virtual police to effectively andadequately combat the VBBC criminal gang. Moreover, the Lawenforcement agency in Virtual has a Disciplinary body that punishespolice officers who tend to assist the criminals in jail in carryingout crime. For instance, the two officers from the Detention Centerwere disciplined for trying to smuggle cell phones in jails to themembers of the VBBC who have been arrested. Furthermore, the VirtualPolice Department has plea bargained agreements that are used tofight the VBBC members. The plea bargained agreements are used tominimize potential felony charges to criminal behavior with payablefines. Charges of high fines to the VBBC groups are used as adeterrence method against crime.

Aresource that is in Shortage that hinders a More Effective Response

TheVirtual Police Department is experiencing shortages of equipment andsecurity personnel thus impeding a more efficient response towardsaddressing the problem of VBBC criminal activities. The shortage ofsecurity personnel and tools has prevented the effectiveness of theVirtual Police in conducting adequate investigations and bringing inthe VBBC criminal gang to justice. For example, the Virtual PoliceDepartment has been conducting investigations for the past 11 tocompile evidence against the VBBC criminal gang but have not beensuccessful because of the shortage of resources. Therefore, provisionof adequate security personnel and equipment will supplement theresources available in the Virtual Police Department. These resourcesby been increased through training of mores security staff andpartnership with other departments obtain more equipment to enhanceinvestigations.

Datathat Supports the current role of the Law Enforcement

Thelaw enforcement agency is using Big Data to support its current rolein detecting and solving a crime. Big Data refers to the huge amountsof data obtained from different sources that are used to makecritical analyses and difficult decisions. The emergence of Big Datahas become an important resource for the police officer that hasenhanced their effectiveness in dealing with crime and keeping thecitizens safe. It helps police officers to quantify, assess andrespond to the criminal activity within their jurisdictions. Also,the Big Data provides data is useful in supporting decision makingthus contributing to successful operations and strategic planningamong law enforcement. Therefore, the use of Big Data ininvestigating the VBBC gang group is significant in helping the lawenforcement arrest and minimizes the criminal activities conducted bythe gang in Virtual. They can obtain information through socialmedia, surveillance video, and gunshot sensors. The BIG data improvesthe decision-making process of law enforcement officers. Forinstance, it helps the police officer in Virtual to make effectivestrategic plans on how to gang down the VBBC criminal members andensure the safety of the people (Analytics,2013).

Datathat may dictate a change in the Role of the Law Enforcement

Digitaldata may dictate the change in the role of the police officer inVirtual Police Department. Digital data is the technology that isused to collect and store critical information (Sun,Tian, Xue &amp Wan, 2016). TheVirtual police have not been successful in generating charges againstthe VBBC for the past 11 years, and the crime rates have remained thesame despite their efforts to curb the gangs` crime. However, the useof digital data has shown a significant change in the role of theVirtual Police Department in dealing with the VBBC.The digital data technology has affected change in the role of theVirtual police officer in bringing the VBBBC to justice. It canimprove the techniques for recording and reporting crimes against theVBBC criminal members. It can demonstrate the transformation of thepolice work by providing them with opportunities to examine theirstrategies and scrutinize the actions of the VBBC. Although theVirtual Police Department has not been successful in finding chargesagainst the VBBC criminal gang, it conducted raids a number of timesand were able to confiscate weapons and drugs and resulted inconvictions of 12 VBBC members. Therefore, digital data can dictatethe change in the role of law enforcement in Virtual PoliceDepartment.

Phase4 – Group Collaboration and Presentation&nbsp

Asummary of the problem

Themajor problem facing the Virtual Police Department is bringing tojustice the VBBC criminal gang. The problem has been facilitated bythe lack of support from other agencies in fighting against the VBBCmembers and bringing them to justice. Lack of support has caused theVirtual Police Department to fail to bring the different criminalcharges against the VBBC. For the past 11 months, the police officershave been putting in a lot of efforts to conduct investigations, butdue to lack of support, they have not been successful in charging theVBBC criminal gang. In most cases, the criminal charges presented tothe Virtual prosecutors` office by the Virtual police have beendismissed on the grounds of lack of plea bargained agreements andprobable cause. The criminal charges that the Virtual PoliceDepartment is preparing for the VBBC members include participation ina criminal enterprise, manufacture of and conspiracy to sell illegaldrugs, aggravated assault, possession of illegal drugs and firearmsand robbery among others. Therefore, the Virtual Police Department isexperiencing challenges of support from other Criminal Justicedepartments to address the problem of VBBC criminal activity inVirtual effectively.

TheTraditional Role of the Courts in Dealing with Criminal Gangs

Criminalgang is a serious crime problem affecting most states in the UnitedStates. Gang violence such as aggravated assault, robberies andmurder pose significant threats to the public safety. The traditionalrole of courts in dealing with criminal gangs involved theestablishment of constitutional policies to prevent violent gangs.These policies were used to prosecute members of criminal gangscharged with criminal cases. The courts ensure accountability of themembers of criminal gangs and enhance the safety of the public. Theywork in collaboration with the law enforcement officers in fightingcriminal gangs (Cole,Smith &amp DeJong, 2015).

Othertraditional functions of the courts include sentencing, adjudication,prosecution and pretrial services and corrections. After the arrestof the suspect and presentation of evidence, the prosecutor makes thedecision to file the case in court. Filling a gang case is the mostcomplex because it may require further investigation, discussion onwhere the case should be filed(juvenile or adult court), and makingdecisions on filing particular issues to murder trial.

Theprosecutor presents the case to the judge or magistrate. Presentationof gang cases also experiences challenges such as selection issues bythe jury, witness issues and presentation of gang evidence. The judgeor the magistrate makes the sentence after conviction. For criminalgangs, they are often sentenced to imprisonment (Coyne &amp Bell,2014).

Descriptionof Identification of Solution by the Group from Different Agencies

Theincreasing problem of VBBC necessitated individuals from differentcriminal justice system agencies to come together and formpartnerships in order to effectively tackle the problem. Over theyears, the Virtual law enforcement has been working exclusivelytowards combating the criminal gang but did not succeed due to lackof support. It is believed that this partnership would havesignificant impacts on bringing charges against the VBBC criminalgang.

TheChief of the Virtual Police Department called upon his partners fromother criminal justice departments to work together in making theVirtual City safe from the VBBC criminal gang. The aim of formingthis partnership was to end the criminal activities conducted by theVBBC as well their terror actions that victimize Virtual citizens.The partners included thehead of the Virtual Police Department VBBC task force,thechief criminal prosecutor from the Office of the District Attorney,theSecurity Chief of the state correctional facility, the DistrictSupervisor for the state department of parole, and the OperationsDirector of the Virtual Security Force. These partners assembled in ameeting, discussed on the criminal gang problem in Virtual anddecided to work collaboratively in order to fight the criminal ganggroup in virtual. Also, a private security company, the VirtualSecurity Force, was hired to provide more resources to the VirtualPolice Department such as equipment and security personnel.

Descriptionof the Solution and the Role of Courts in Addressing the Problem

Thesolution identified for tackling the VBBC criminal gang was to workin collaboration by forming partnerships in order to provide supportto the Virtual Police Department. Working in collaboration involvesbringing resources to supplement those available in the VirtualPolice Department and pursuing the recent prosecutions andinvestigations against the criminal gang. The groups decided onworking collectively towards addressing the VBBC criminal gangproblem in Virtual. They formed a Virtual Criminal Justice Allianceand focused on addressing the criminal gang problem. They decided tocombat the VBBC group on two major levels. The first level involvedpursuing the current police investigations and prosecutions. Thesecond level involved the formation of a strategic plan to workcollectively to reduce crime in Virtual.

Accordingto Coyneand Bell (2014),a collective effort is a major step towards addressing criminal gangsin society. It fosters information sharing among the members of thecriminal justice system thus contributing to the successful formationof policies and innovations that are important in addressing thecriminal gang problem. Moreover, coordination allows the lawenforcement agency to establish effective policing strategies andprevention programs against the VBBC criminal gang. Furthermore,collective efforts result in the provision of adequate resources thatfacilitate investigations and prosecution against the VBBC.

Thecourts are responsible for prosecuting the charges presented by thepolice detectives in order to ensure the members of the VBBC criminalgangs are convicted and appropriate action taken against them. Theyjudge or the magistrate provides sentences against the gang membersto serve jail term that normally includes severing several years’jail term especially those involving murder and dealings in illegaldrug (Collins,Ricks &amp Van Meter, 2015).

Phase5 – Consequence of Inaction&nbsp

Thelaw enforcement agency should adopt the solution of collectiveefforts and use it to fight the VBBC criminal gang in Virtual.Collaboration is a very important solution in addressing the VBBCcriminal gang that have been terrorizing and victimizing the citizensof virtual. Working in collaboration with other criminal justicedepartments would generate collective efforts that are essential inaddressing the VBBC criminal gang. It would enhance the provision ofadditional resources such as investigative equipment and securitypersonnel to supplement the other resources within the Virtual PoliceDepartment. Availability of adequate resources would enhance theeffectiveness of the police detectives in conducting a thoroughinvestigation and presenting a solid probable cause for theprosecution of the members of the VBBC criminal gang. Moreover, itwould provide support to the Virtual Police Department where othercriminal justice departments will carry out other activities such aspursuing the current investigations and prosecutions as well asmonitoring and supervising the criminal activities of the VBBCmembers.

Failureto adopt and implement the solution would result in increasedcriminal activities by the VBBC. The Virtual Police Department willbe unable to effectively combat the criminal gang by continuing to beunsuccessful in gathering solid evidence and bring the criminalcharges against VBBC criminal gangs. It would jeopardize the publicsafety and cause people of Virtual to be subjected to more violenceand terror by the criminal gang. Moreover, the Virtual Police willcontinue to lack the required resources such as tools to conductinginvestigations and fewer security personnel thus affecting theirability to combat the criminal activities of the VBBC membersadequately. Consequently, they will lack the essential training toimprove their capabilities in addressing the criminal gang problem.Therefore, lack of adoption of the solution would have adverseconsequences on the law enforcement agency.


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