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WhatIT Enablers would you deploy at your coffee shop and how will yourbusiness strategy benefit from the implementation of key IT Enablers?

Inorder to improve on business processes and profit maximization, thecoffee shop would adopt order management as an IT enabler solution.Order management strategy streamlines and automates order processingfor the coffee shop. An effective order management solution keeps aconstant update on the shop vendor database, real-time inventoryinformation, customer database, a consistent client refunds andreturns record, current information on payments and billing, recordsof order processing, and eventually general ledger data (Jordan,2011).There are several crucial benefits from the effective implementationof order management to the grandfather’s coffee shop, whichincludes to start with, it enables the shop to derive a predictablepurchase and customer order lifecycle. This benefit cuts across allsuppliers and channels and presents a continuous client experience.Again, it also provides an express future expansion process to newsuppliers and customers. Secondly, order management allows customerorders to be supported and serviced independent of the order channelused to place them. The coffee shop clients can overly obtain theadvantage of placing orders using one channel and track the same,update or query order through other channels (Jordan,2011).

Next,another benefit is that the retail shop can gain a comprehensivepicture of inventory in the coffee shop. This is possible throughallowance of replenishment that is more accurate and demandforecasting and intelligent allocation and routing based on thebehavior of placed orders. In addition, it introduces support systemto model comprehensive client interactions, which would have beensupported poorly using manual system. Examples such as returnhandling, exchanges, delivery splitting, repeat orders are realizedthrough an efficient order management enabler. Lastly, the other keybenefit is management and provisions of value add propositions suchas delivery (Jordan,2011).Howdoes your implementation plan for IT Enablers translate into valuecreation activities for your new coffee shop?

Thereare value creation activities, which order management as an ITenabler for the new coffee shop. First, one activity to be increasedis business visibility. This implies there is one is exposed to highlevel of oversight into the entire coffee shop performance. Anotheractivity is task automation. Order management enabler leads toautomation of many routine tasks cut greatly the manual data entryprocedures to be conducted to complete an order. Lastly, it alsoleads to order accuracy activity. System users are less likely to geta customer order wrong hence improved business value to the coffeeshop (Jordan,2011).

Howdoes your IT Enablers investment help increase revenue or reducecosts?

Ordermanagement as an IT enabler helps increase revenue or reduces costsin the following ways: first, it increases cost effectiveness. Thereis great deal of reduced costs since staffs needed to the job andoperational costs are reduced hence overall cost reduction. It alsoincreases revenues through faster on-boarding process for newcustomers as well as wider service offerings. Again, there is highlevel of efficiency. This implies that large volume of orders will beprocessed accurately and seamlessly hence increased customerattraction and retention yielding more revenues (Jordan,2011).Howcould you use IT Enablers to partner with suppliers and/or customers?

Inthe new coffee shop, we can deploy IT enabler such as ordermanagement to collaborate with customers and suppliers. First,customers are able to enjoy an extensive order visibility such asorder processing status. This implies that once customers enter thecoffee shop there will be no complaint from customers since they cantrack progress of order on client side. Again, order management as anIT enabler provides a unitary front-end user interface for allsuppliers and services. This implies that irrespective of whether youare a customer or supplier all can interact with the shop from asingle interface (Jordan,2011).


Jordan,V. (2011). Order Handling in Convergent Environments. 2ndInternational Conference on e-Education, e-Business, e-Management andE-Learning (IC4E 2011),378–382.