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Jazz Concert Report

JazzConcert Report


JazzConcert Report

Musicin the twentieth century is defined by the great diversity in style.Additionally, technology has presented musicians in thetwenty-first-century access to unprecedented amounts and types ofmusic, offering a vast panorama that was of music that would haveotherwise been unthinkable in the early days.

Ihad the benefit of attending UF Band jazz concert at the Universityauditorium. The band comprised of five saxophone players, threetrumpet players, four trombone players, and the pianist, drummers andbass players to add rhythm to the music. They started with a pianosolo which was played so well and beautifully to soothing. This was agreat way to capture the audience mood for jazz music.

Theirfirst song was “needing you” by Scot Wilson, the band’sdirector, which was a narration of his relationship with his wife,their encounters and the challenges of a long-distance relationshipas he worked in another country. The song was beautifully craftedhaving soft and fast tempo. The second song “slow heat” by NeilSlater was by far the most intimate and most capturing as its startout somber and slow and in between, the saxophone takes over andleads throughout the song. Their last song was “Sing Sing Sing”by Louis, which is a fast paced song with all the instrument beingplayed at a go. As the audience claps, band members pick some of theaudience members to participate and this made the concert enjoyable.

Theperformers were emotional especially in the song “needing you,”and this established a deeper connection with the audience and theirstage presence was magnetic. However, the last song grabbed theaudience attention and pulled everyone in for the show end. The bandmembers were also fluid and incredibly engaged into the music as theyplayed the instruments. The directors guidance ensured each bandmember played his part without overshadowing others.

Theperformers were very experienced having practiced for the concertcountless times, thus, the air of confidence during periods ofsilence or low volume. The performance involved gestures and silence,and no communication or contact was permitted. The silence allows theaudience to accept fallibility and individuality by appreciating thespace between the performer and instruments (silence) (Smith,2011).

Theband had an array of musical structures such as violins, drums,pianos, and harp among others. These structures were used to producesongs have the right rhythm (beat, tempo, syncopation), melody(pitch). Instead of using sticks, the drummer used brushes for slowertempo and softer sounds. It was hard keeping up with all theinstruments as they were all new to me (Campbell,2013).

Theband applied collective improvisation as the styles ranged from NewOrleans jazz style to Be Bop at points. Moreover, the main reason whyI enjoyed their performance was that no song or solo sounded the samethus leaving no room for anyone to feel bored. The drummer was alwaysmoving and jumping in and out of his seat to keep up with theintensity and fast tempo of the music, and this kept the audience onthe rim of their chairs with anticipation of what tempo he wouldproduce next

Theperformer felt more energized and motivated to perform if people areclapping as this shows that they are enjoying the music and that theyunderstand the message being passed through the music. Additionally,fellow audiences tend to be influenced if they see and hear otherclapping and this propels them to join in the rhythm.

Theexperience was eye opening. It allowed me to garner a betterunderstanding of jazz music. How jazz performers behave on stage, andhow they work together. Notably, the versatility of each band membercontributes to the holistic sound of the band. Despite them being auniversity band, they can compete at any level, and I would recommendthem to anyone looking for a relaxing music coupled with a relaxedatmosphere.

Beinga fan of popular music, I would say jazz music is very relaxing asthere is no shouting and it is just the band members playing musicthrough the instrument, which is beautifully soothing. Jazz music isideal for a person who doesn’t like loud music and noisy crowd.However, it is a prerequisite for one to have a profoundunderstanding of all aspect relating to jazz music before attending.

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