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The call for democracy is based on the notion that this system ofgovernance allows the majority to rule. On the contrary, other formsof governments allow only a few people such as representatives andnobility to possess power.1As Jeffersonian-republicans, we recognize that, for the government tofreely protect the people and serve their interests, it must becontrolled by the masses as I discuss next.

We appeal for the promotion of universal education. As aJeffersonian-Republican, I firmly believe that knowledge througheducation and literacy will empower the people. They will learn moreabout their rights, freedoms, and the limits of governments and alsoprevent ideas seen in the France prior to the revolution that claimedthat only a few people had skills to govern.2This is based on the impression that power corrupts men as has beenwitnessed today in America.3Thus, it is most likely that the few men serving in government underthe federalist system will abandon democratic principles unless putin check by an informed public. For instance, an informed public inthe ideal ‘agrarian republic’ will have knowledge of marketforces and the right taxation regimes to spur farming and trade.4

The constitution should strictly guide governance. We are opposed tothe views fronted by Alexander Hamilton and his fellow Federaliststhat the constitution should evolve along with the country as itgrows. We believe that this is a plan to amend the constitution tosuit selfish individuals in government. Such cases have happened inthe past such as the Stamp Act on sugar was put into lawunconstitutionally.5For such reasons, we are saying that, a constitution can only remainvalid if it is interpreted in the letter and spirit of law and withthe participation of the people. Continually reforming it or changingits interpretation to suit circumstances will not only weaken thedocument but also threaten the unity of the country.

States should be accorded some degree of sovereignty to allow themspace to address the individual needs of the people. A strengthenedfederal government favored will not only deny the people access togovernment services but will concentrate power in one place, which isnot desirable and goes against democratic ideals. For instance, theFrench evolution came about as people were tired of a few peopleholding on to power.6

With these views, I believe I have firmly shown why you should moveinto supporting our Jeffersonian-Republican views. We stand for aweakened federal government to give power to the people and thestates. Again, we call for the empowerment of the people througheducation and information to guide their decisions and protect theirfreedoms and rights against the tyranny of the states. My friend, Iinvite you to be on the right side of the history of this greatnation and help protect our future generations.


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