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Job Aid


Job Aid


The objective of the job aid is to assist students come up withbetter revision strategies, or improve those in use to ensure thatthey pass in their examinations. Many students excel in theirassignments and take home tests. However, the same success is notachieved in the sit-in examinations, especially end of semestertests. Such examinations assess on the material that has been taughtto the students all through the course. In most instances, theexaminations are on more than one unit or course of study in asemester. As such, students that are not properly prepared and thosethat fail to revise in time end up failing. Most of the failed gradesattained by students can be improved provided they plan on how torevise for examinations, for instance by use of a revision job aid.

The job aid is an effective way for students to outline the revisionstrategies that they use. Once outlined, learners use the job aid toassess their performance in sit-in examinations. In cases where theyare able to record a trend of failure, it is a clear indication thatthe revision tactics used are ineffective. The student thenidentifies the desired grade for every course within a semester.Using the job aid, a plan on how to revise for examinations isdeveloped. The job aid lists all effective revision approaches thatstudents should use, when and how to follow the strategies provided.The objective is to ensure that students avoid last minute revisions,or simply perusing through notes. Instead, they will start revisingearly and will be well prepared to sit for examinations, whichenhances their chances of attaining desired grades.

How to Revise for Examinations Job Aid


The purpose of the How to Revise for Examinations Job Aid is toassist students plan their studies and ensure that they are properlyprepared for sit-in examinations. The job aid requires students todefine their academic objectives, meaning what grades they want toattain for every unit within a course.

Once the grades have been identified, the students will be requiredto outline their weaknesses in every unit, or what they think makesit impossible to pass examinations in a specific course. The learnerswill be required to record past academic achievements, revisionstrategies that have been used in the past, and why they have beenineffective.

The job aid provides students with an overview of why their revisionstrategies currently in use or previous have been unsuccessful. Itinforms on areas to improve and what new revision tactics to use,which will ensure learners, pass examinations.

Rationale for the How to Revise for Examinations Job Aid:

Many students assume that provided they attend all the classesrequired for every unit, submit their assignments in time andparticipate in group work, they will definitely pass their end ofsemester examinations. Others assume that perusing through what hasbeen taught in class is enough to sit for an examination. As Stafford(2014) notes, simply looking at notes will not make it possible topass. In addition, while many students excel in their take homeexaminations, the same trend is not noted in sit-in examinations.

Creating a plan on how to pass examinations is often assumed as anunnecessary step towards improving grades. Even students that readfor examinations and still fail continue to assume that theexamination may have been difficult. However, it is very importantthat students plan on how to revise. Planning enhances thepossibility of passing. This is because with a plan it becomes easierto organize one’s study in order of relevance. It also enhances thepossibility that a student will have ample time to read forexaminations. In specific, the job aid helps students avoid readingin a rush or during the last minutes to sitting an examination, whichonly confuses the student, and results in failure.

The job aid is aimed at ensuring students become aware of theircapabilities in passing examination. It targets students who, despiteexcelling in assignments and take away tests, are unable to pass inend of semester sit-in examinations. The effect is that their gradesare lowered by their final examination. To improve the grades, thejob aid helps students understand their weaknesses when revising forexaminations, to identify their target grades, introduce new revisingapproaches and use a revision plan to improve their chances ofpassing in sit-in tests.

How to Revise for Examinations Job Aid Evaluation

The success of the job aid will be determined by the academicachievements of students. This means that if students’ gradesimprove after using the plan provided in the job aid, then it acts asan indication of success. On the other hand, if grades do notimprove, it acts as an indication of failure.

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