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John Brown America`s First Terrorist?

JohnBrown: America`s First Terrorist?

Thetitle of this secondary source is “JohnBrown: America’s First Terrorist?”It was created in 2011, and the author is Paul Finkelman. The thesisis to contemplate on how John Brown, who is a crucial figure,struggles against slavery before the war occurred as well as hisinvolvement in the terrorism activities.


Themain points to support the thesis include his willingness to die aslong as the slavery activities came to an end. He was afterrighteousness and did everything that was against the immoralactivities of slavery. However, he was also involved in the twoattack activities in his lifetime. One took place in Kansas Territoryin 1856 and the other at Harpers Ferry.

Thefree-soil town was set ablaze as several properties were destroyed.Though Brown was not involved in this, three days later he, togetherwith other guerillas, attacked and killed five Southern settlers. Heclaimed that his wars were targeted against the slavery activities inthe Kansas as he invaded most masters and killed them in the process.The ideas are valid, fairly and logically presented, accurate,significant, and the language used is readily available andunderstood.

Thethree most important things are the struggles of Brown to end theslavery activities, the terrorism actions he was involved in, and theviolent deeds towards the slave-owners.

“Brown’sactions in Kansas and at Harpers Ferry were clearly violent”(Finkelman, 2011). This shows that his actions were beyond theslavery activities, which he was campaigning was against, since hewas involved in other terrorist events. This topic is discussed inChapter 19 page 402, 410-412) of the core textbook.


Wasthe hanging of Brown justified? Why did he use other violent means ifhe was after ending slavery? The source widens my knowledge regardingthe actions of Brown that made him be regarded as the first terroristand the reasons behind his hanging though he positively contributedto ending slavery.


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