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Jordan and U.S Foreign Policy


Question prompt 1

According to AmCham-Jordan Chairman Mohammed Bataineh, 2015 was avery successful economic year between Jordan and the United States.Mr. Mohammed Bataineh highlighted the fact that the increase in traderelations, bilateral agreements, and developing new strategic plansthat will increase the trade between the two countries will highlybenefit Jordan (Ghazal, 2015). These agreements and strategic planswill open up markets in the America and strengthen the foreign policybetween the two countries through establishing markets and businessesin both countries. However, Jordan’s King Abdullah II recentlycriticized America’s perspective on the war against Islamic State(Magid, 2016). The king claimed that the way was negatively affectingJordan due to its geographic position of the two countries. Bycriticizing America’s perspective on the war, King Abdullah IIdirectly questioned America’s role in the ongoing war in Syria.

Question prompt 2

The military department of Jordan is one of the sectors that aresympathetic to America’s interests in the country. Jordan’smilitary greatly benefit by receiving grants from the Americangovernment to enhance their military skills, weapons, and militarystaff as well. The Foreign Fighters in Jordan also sympathize withAmerica’s interest in Jordan (Pizzi, 2015). This group of foreignfighters comes to help fight off the terrorist groups attacking thecountry and the region. The newly elected parliament also sympatheticto America’s interests in the country (Abuqudairi, 2015). The newlyelected officials will try and reduce the effect the MuslimBrotherhood ministry has in the country and try to improve therelations it has with its current allies like America.

Question prompt 3

The Muslim Brotherhood ministry is one of the groups that do notsympathize with America’s interests in the country. The MuslimBrotherhood ministry is strongly tied to King King Abdullah II andendorses his goals and missions, which are to put the country’sintentions first before anything else, including Jordan’s relationwith America (Baylouny, 2016). Al-Qaeda is another group that doesnot sympathize with America’s interests in Jordan. The MuslimBrotherhood ministry is one of the groups that do not sympathize withAmerica’s interests in the country. The Muslim Brotherhood ministryis strongly tied to King King Abdullah II and endorses his goals andmissions, which are to put the country’s intentions first beforeanything else, including Jordan’s relation with America (Baylouny,2016). The Al-Qaeda is another group that do not sympathizewith America’s interests in Jordan.


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