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Journal Entries


Date-Entry1: ME, A WRITER?


Atfirst, I loathed the activities. I did not want to engage in thelengthy activities. However, writing compositions is my passion andbegins with learning the basic rules of grammar. This got me started.The area on grammar mechanics was very enlightening and writing acomposition will be helpful in the synthesis of what I have learnt.While reading ahead, I identified that objectives of the courseincluded developing high-quality compositions in different formatsof developments and compositions. As such, the whole exercise beganwith very simple grammar concepts that tested on the ability todevelop sentence structures. Writing activities will provide anopportunity to showcase my abilities.


Bythe end of the activities on grammar, I was able to learn variouslanguage usages and writing skills to explore and create writtendocuments. I learnt that I have a keen eye on the rules of languagewhen I write to an informed audience. I was observant when it came tothe rules of grammar moving from one level of writing to another. Toimprove as a writer, I will have to read extensively apply the skillsfrom the activities. Reading will help me match my skills of writingwith that of accomplished writers. Also, doing practice incomposition writing will better my skills because wring depends uponregular exercise.

Date-Entry2: Prewriting



Helpwith assignments


Offersa variety of leisure activities

Atool of socialization


Aplatform for communication

Workingfrom home

Researchand information search

Offersmarketing platform

Providesa link to medical staff

Keepsmy health records




Supportsunhealthy lifestyles


Makeshuman beings antisocial




Asmuch as computers have made life easy by providing wide range oflearning, entertainment, socialization and business platforms,excessive use leads to unhealthy lifestyles, exposes users tocyber-attack and antisocial norms.

Date-Entry3: Drafting


Peerreviewed medical journals on effects on the health of users.

Websiteson guide to personal use of computers at home can provide thepositive and negative impacts. This information should be related toresearch on the area.

Personalexperience with computers at home and school will supply first-handinformation

Interviewingusers will provide more information on the use.

Examinationof company policies will highlight on the threats relating tocybercrimes


Evidence from research and statistics about the position

Personal experience and experience of others

Position: computers have far reaching impact in lives

Implications of the research to the users and the salient lessons learnt. Advise users on what to do

Date-Entry4: Revising

Purposeand audience

Thewriting is address to a specific audience but the writer is notconsistent on the audience by completely ignoring the other side ofthe argument. I will bring everyone on board by including the viewsof those that write E-mails because we have those that still valuethe mail. Also, by using the word people, the writer fails toestablish rapport with the reader. I will specify the audience byperhaps indicating that it is either the young generation currentlyin school or the older one currently working since there are twosides to any coin. I will raise a debate on both sides and allow theaudience to make a stand but still insisting on my purpose.

Thesis,topic sentences and paragraphs

Iwill rewrite the thesis statement to summarize what I want to putacross by including some of my arguments for use of letters. I willalign the topic sentence in the third paragraph with the supportingevidence by admitting the computers are more efficient but indicatethat letters offer the human feeling. Also, I will give morepersonalized evidence and express feelings to appeal more to thereader within the paragraphs.


Iwill refer to authoritative sources such as journals to support someof the claims in the argument. For example, I will look forstatistics on the use of letters in comparison to email to show thegap and the need. Evidence will also support the arguments for theletters and the readers are more likely to believe results offindings. As I present the evidence, I will show the dire need toreach out to the role models using the letters. Lastly, the evidencethat I present can also come from personal experience with intensionto alert the reader with the reality on the ground.


Whenis come to organization, I will start with topic sentences that givesa highlight of my opinion on the topic, this will be by usinganecdote. Then, I will support this with evidence from scientific orsocial research to affirm my position. I will also include examplesthat qualify the arguments for the use of letters to convince thereader. Apart from experience, I will give my personal perspective onthe issues at hand. To conclude a paragraph, I will affirm theposition by appealing to the reader to consider the point.

Date-Entry5: Public space

Irecall a situation where a new employee was excited about the newworkplace and posted on the website of the company yougays are a great lot to work with. Beingnew to America, she meant to use the work guy as the workplace wasvery relaxed the next comments she got was LOL and again she repliedLv u too.

Grammar,spelling and punctuation errors can l Grammar can alter public spaceat place of work by leading to a misunderstanding between reader andwriter. The use of wrong grammar can be subject to differentinterpretations of the message. Wrong punctuation too can change theintended meaning of a letter, memo, novel, article and other piecesof writing. Also, one may be offended by faulty structures anddisregard the whole write-up.

Date-Entry6: Narration


2years ago at school and in the neighborhood, Joley and I were teensin the same class.


Wespent most of the times in cinemas and movies, missed a number oflessons, sneaked from home a number of times at night, dosed in classand overslept over the weekends at home.


Joleymy closest friends, teachers, my mother, Joley’s uncle and aunt.

Keylines of dialogue


Joley:I got an extra ticket for the carnival party

Me:by all means, can I get my hands on it?

Joley:Yap, yap, it’s all yours, will you talk to you mum about it?

Me:that won’t be necessary she will know that I spent at your place…


Afeeling of betrayal, guilt and nostalgia.

Ispent most of the time away from my parents and siblings who look upto me. I tricked my favorite teacher on a number of occasions.

Journalentry 7: Description


Adim light shone through the streets from a far, I could make up thefigures of two men creeping along the adjacent walls.

Shecrawled through the tunnels keeping her head down to avoid scrapingit on the concrete surface above our head.


Shetalked almost in a whispers and we both paid attention to thestamping in the undergrowth.

Therewas a car screech and sudden silence.


Thestench in the tunnel was suffocating two handkerchiefs held acrossthe nose was still not doing the trick.

Thearoma from the hotel forced us to hold our stomachs and sniff the airlike dogs.


Therewas fruity almost citrus undertone in the pizza.

Thesalty and bitter taste in the month confirmed there was blood.


Thewall was rough and slippery and no ordinary man could scale it thateasy.

Thedry dustily clothing hanged loose.


Thestench from the tunnel was a devil sent from hell to torment us.


Itwas easy to write about sight. Sight is more visible and also easy tomemorize. This is because the more you frequent a place the richer ingraphic it becomes. Sight also has the element of permanence sinceone can always revisit a particular setting to get more details. This is unlike the sense of taste, sound and smell that can easily beerased in time. It was most difficult to taste because you areunlikely to notice smell unless it is too strong to be ignored andeven if you got the smell, it can be erased in matter of minutes.

Date-Entry8: Reflection


WhenI picked up the assignment, my first worry was the length of thedetails I could not see myself going through the entire exercise. Ialso thought it was a waste of my valuable time. Halfway through thework, am excited at attempting the exercise as it is fun. My feelingstowards English are always the same it is rich depending on theuser. For this reason, I use it as creatively as possible.


Mymain goal at the beginning was to be a good composition writer. Iindicated that writing was one way of improving my writing skills.This activity has obviously created opportunities to write. I admitthat I am not an accomplish writer and my remaining goal is to cutdown on the number of errors in writing. The new goal I want to makeis to write more creatively.

Date-Entry9: comparison and contrast

Ican recall my worst experience with a doctor. I had gone for a toothrefill and the doctor on a light note observed that by the time Iwill be sixty, I will be toothless. I could not take that silentlyand I told him to remind his pet dog. He then mentioned that it was ajoke.

Defininga doctor with a tear, a shrug and schedule describes two doctors. Oneof the doctors has a palmtop and is on call during the prescribedhours and calls off duty immediately the hours are over. He islimited to what is under is jurisdiction and cannot take any extrawork. He is lively and sociable. His female colleague has a notebook.She spends much of her time working and even goes beyond the normalscheduled work hours. Compared to my doctor, I observed similartraits as in sociable. They also have a decent dressing code. Mydoctor is often off duty and could be also same to the first doctor.

Date-Entry10: Classification and division

Cheating on assignments

Topic:The reasons students may be tempted to cheat in one or moreassignment in their college program.

Background:Cheating is rampant in colleges because of pressure for grades

Thesisstatement: Students is colleges cheat on assignments to get bettergrades, because of poor time management, lack of preparedness andconditions of study.


Toget better grades

Lackof confidence in oneself

Pressureto excel

Toprogress to higher institutions of learning

Poortime management

Inabilityto meet deadline


Engagementin other unrelated activities

Lackof preparedness

Poorreading and revision strategies

Lackof motivation to read

Conditionsof study

Accessibilityto academic material

Date-Entry 11: Classification and division

Iconsider myself a liberal writer because I like speaking my mind.Sometimes I am emotive and this will always reflect in my writing. Iam not entirely the academic type since I don’t write so much inacademic papers and research. However, I fit in the social platformsmost effectively. I like classifying my work using a singleprinciple. I accomplish this by identifying what I want to achieveand drawing the map on how to get to the other end. This way, I tryas much as possible to be orderly or systematic in my organization.Additionally, I always pay very close attention to details. I am thetype that will want everything to be in its place the right way ad atthe right time.

Date-Entry 12: argument

Multitaskingis dehumanizing

ToPeter Bregman, multitasking reduces quality of the finished product.This will in turn lower the quality of life. The impact is not onlyon the performers of tasks but also on the products of the tasks. Theperformer gets tired and worn-out doing a lot of tasks at the sametime.

InDefense of Multitasking DavidSilverman offers effective strategies to accomplish assignments whilemultitasking. This essay is based on the quality of the amounts oftasks performed at the same time. During multi-tasking, more thingsare done at the same time and this could be key to refreshing onesbank of knowledge. The mind is more alert. Multitasking supportsquick sourcing of information that one can easily forget if he or shewas to accomplish one task at the time. In order to maintain balancein life, one has to commit to perform certain tasks concurrently.


Clearly,what works for some people might prove difficult for others. Ibelieve that multitasking though seen to be dehumanizing, supportlife better. A mother must sometimes be a parent, an employee and asocial being. There are things you just cannot ignore multitasking.Listening to music and painting at the same time has been said toincrease creativity in painters.

Date-Entry13: website evaluation

http://www.careebuilder.comis a more reliable source of information when seeking employment. Thewebsite offer key words that relate to job searchers on the internetand this make it easy to link with prospective employers. It is easyto identify available positions and what employers need. Also, thekey words are also more likely to direct on the type of job that youcan do. If for example you are a programmer, you include that in yoursearch.

Also,it offers more options as compared to http://www.rileyguide.comwhich is limited to the use of resume in marketing. In addition, onecan post a resume and cover letter and wait for reply. If interested,the company will contact you and engage your services. Companies arealso more likely to visits the website to get prospective employees.It will be easy to get a job.

http://www.rileyguide.comseems to focus only on resume and for this reason it might not serveusers well. The users get the impression that working with this siteis a really short-term engagement, when in need of a resume and coverletter. Employers are less likely to visits the site since its scopeis narrowly defined. Also, the keywords are not used to make itvisible.

http://www.careebuilder.comis also well designed in details. It has different sections throughwhich an individual can get to the specific information seeded. Iconson the website relates to what any prospective employee needs insearch for a job. The login option also offers a sense of datasecurity and confidentiality. The press jobs button open door tothousands of opportunities. The add resume section enables you todisplay your resume online for employers to see.

Date-Entry 14: Notes and citations

Thearticles introduce a disturbing statistic in which more than 80% ofthe employees never get their dream career jobs. Must people will bediscourage as majority struggle to make ends meet. Zaldiver (2016)observes that side hustle can offer a flexible arrangement for one tohone his or her skills and boast creativity. It ends by detailing onhow to get the jobs.


Rob,Zaldiver. &quotSide hustles: For Passion or Money?&quotadvice.careerbuilder.com/posts/side-hustles-for-passion-or-money.Accessed on: 10 Oct, 2016


R.Zaldiver. (29 Sept. 2016) Sidehustles: For Passion or Money? [Web log post]. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://advice.careerbuilder.com/posts/side-hustles-for-passion-or-money

Date-Entry 15: Course reflection

Ihave learnt a great deal from the activities. At the start, the wholecourse activity looked bothersome. Particularly, the activitiesinvolved reading a wide range of materials. As I finish, I am moreenthusiastic with a burning desire to start writing. My passion towrite creatively has generally grown. I am now more confident than atthe beginning.

Knowingwho I am as a learner has opened my mind to more possibilities indealing with course activities. A writer I have a definite style andI have understood it. With the steps to writing in the courseactivities, I can write more creatively using different styles. Thismeans that I did not just rely on a single style of writing, but wasin position to write on a variety of subjects.

Asa writer and a reader, I have become more open to different writingformats. Initially, I preferred reading romantic novels and shortstories. My interest has grown and I cannot only read plays and poemsbut also write. The reading and writing activities have made writingto be so easy. Also, I had an attitude towards academic writing, anarea that I have struggled to suit. I feel that I can do better inthat regards.


Admittedlyit has been an enduring course that required patient. There were timeI went off the mark entirely but still with time I became positive.The activities are very helpful and practical. Particularly, I likedthe hands-on experience. Learning by doing enhances acquisition ofthe desired skills and I was lucky to experience the benefit.

Keepingthis journal has aided my motivation to work on the activities in themost diligently. The readings have been well focused to help mydevelopment and what is more, the selected texts were veryinteresting to read and work on. The objective of writing creativelywas realized through the writing activities and the selected text.Generally the exercise was very constructive and informative.