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King of Kong

Kingof Kong


Themain protagonist in this film is Steve Wiebe. He is cast as theleading character in a world competition that involves an arcadegame. He was recently laid off as a Boeing engineer, and since he isgifted in sports and art and has knowledge in mathematics, he appliesthese skills to his main objective of attempting to beat the worldhigh score set by Billy Mitchell. He focuses on trying to masterDonkey Kong.


WalterDay- He is the founder of Twin Galaxies, an organization that keepsrecords of the high cores in arcade games. In the narrative, theyserve as the audience for whom Steve performs, together with otherhigh-ranking Twin Galaxy members to prove his gaming skills.

BrianKuh- A retired banker who turned into a pro-gamer. In the movie, heis sent by Billy Mitchel, the reigning record holder, to investigateSteve’s machine to ascertain the legitimacy of his high scores.


Themain tension that drives Act 2 involves the challenges that Stevefaces. Will Steve Wiebe be in a Position to surpass Billy Mitchel`sDonkey Kong high score against all the odds?


Themain antagonist is Billy Mitchel who is depicted as the reigningrecord holder of Donkey Kong high scores. In the movie, he isportrayed as a cunning and intimidating opponent of Steve. He is alsoa cocky and malicious character fond of self-promotion, who goes tothe extreme measures to ensure he remains the record holder in thearcade game. This is shown by the fact that he sends Brian Kuh toinvestigate Steve Wiebe`s machine to disapprove Steve`s Donkey Konghigh scores. He had previously caused Roy Shildt`s high score inMissile Command to be brought under scrutiny, and this prevented Royfrom being awarded the official recognition for the high score byTwin Galaxies.


Anexample of a plant/payoff in Kingof Kong iswhere Steve Wiebe begins going to night school to obtain a master’sdegree as he prepares to go back to the workforce. The filmintroduces the Donkey Kong machine initially as a play machine thatSteve Wiebe wants to play in the garage as he relaxes to pass thetime. It is after he acquires this machine that he reads about BillyMitchel’s Donkey Kong record of 874,300 from the internet. Stevethinks to himself that he can beat that and he consequently focuseson mastering the game of Donkey Kong. The machine that had beenintroduced to us in a minor plot ends up playing a bigger role in thefilm as Steve uses his knowledge in mathematics to achieve a score of1,006,600.


Themovie is an advertising opportunity for the gaming world of DonkeyKong and other arcade games founded by Walter Day. Arcade games areusually associated with teenagers and younger populations, but inthis film, the directors pass the message that arcade games can alsobe favorite among the senior people. The record holders, Steve Wiebeand Billy Mitchel, are older citizens but the fact that they competefor the record in the film advertises the popularity to the seniorcitizens. This is a form of advertising.


Thefilm employs dramatic irony by placing emphasis on two grown adultsengrossed in a conflict over an arcade game. The fact that two grownmen, with such a large crowd that gathers to witness their rivalryover who will beat the Donkey Kong high scores, dramatically alludesto the decline of western civilization. This irony is visible to theaudience but not to the characters.