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Lecturer Essay



“TheCoddling of the American Mind” is an article that is authored byGreg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt. The article was published in TheAtlanticin September 2015. The two authors of the article are competentbecause they have sufficient qualifications to address issuesaffecting the American higher education sector for example, culturalsensitivity, social discrimination, and college inequalities (1).


Whatare the qualifications of the authors? Greg Lukianof is a competentconstitutional lawyer who leads the Foundation for Individual Rightsin Education. The organization safeguards academic freedom in highereducation institutions. Jonathan Haidt is an expert in socialpsychology, and he conducts research on the cultural dynamics inAmerican colleges (13).


Thekey question addressed by the article is: What are the strangecultural scenarios in the American higher education institutions? Thehigher education sector has students who are very sensitive tocultural issues. Many female students are emotionally affected whenprofessors teach sexual abuse issues. For example, they take offensewhen law professors teach rape law. This is because of many femalesin the society who experience sexual abuse in the form of assault,discrimination, trafficking, blackmail, and exploitation (1).


Importantsocio-cultural observations occur in colleges and universities. Thesocial media is an increasingly powerful method of discussing powerrelationships in the learning institutions. Communication between thestudents globally has been enhanced by the popular social networksfor example, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Through the influenceof the social media, students can destroy the reputation and careersof incompetent academic and non-academic staff. Students can alsoinfluence the careers of competent professors positively forexample, using college or university social media platforms toinfluence the selection of a professor to a top management position(3).

Ideasand Areas of Confusion

Anothercritical idea presented in the study is the rising cases of mentalillness among the students. There is confusion regarding the causesof mental illness. Some researchers explain that better diagnosis ofmental illness is responsible for the increasing cases of mentalchallenges. However, other studies indicate increased willingness bystudents to seek psychiatric care. A 2014 study by the AmericanCollege Health Association shows that 54% of students experienceoverwhelming anxiety (4).


GregLukianoff and Jonathan Haid. “The Coddling of the American Mind.”TheAtlantic, September 2015. Print.