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Legal, Ethical and Social Responsibility

Legal,Ethical and Social Responsibility


Onetime I got an internship in a certain company which was in itsinitial stages of development. The manager in the company was verysuccess oriented and worked very hard to achieve his goals. However,he had a problem in making a good relationship with the employees. Hewas making discriminatory decisions whereby he could not accept anydecision made by a person of another race except the whites. Healways encouraged racist jokes and discriminations in the meetings.The people of other races felt that the environment was not conducivefor them. However, these employees worked hard to offer qualityservices. What should be corrected about this manager is advising himon the effect of discrimination on the workers and also the business(Furlong,2012).

Ialso have an example of a manager who was giving false information ona product label. The product had honey and some plant extracts. Onthe label, the manager ordered the label to have information that theproduct could heal diseases like cancer. A group of student gotinterested in the product, and they took it to the lab. The resultsof the research were that the product was pure honey and one herbalproduct. The question was that, can honey cure cancer. The conclusionwas that he was just lying about the product. The students did notreport the issue but what should be done is to report the company sothat to prevent the lying to the community (Furlong,2012).

Tobe socially responsible, a manager needs to balance between profitmaking and activities benefiting the society. My father is abusinessman, and he has many friends who own companies where he buyshis goods. I have an example of a socially responsible manager in oneof the companies. The manager is very active in community developmentwhere after every month he organizes environmental cleaning all overthe town. The cleaning may be brought about by the need forcleanliness in the refreshment drinks produced by the company.Environmental cleaning also benefits the community by providing cleanhabitats (Furlong,2012).


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