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Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT)


Review of Writings by B. Ruby Rich on Lesbian Gay Bisexual andTransgender (LGBT)

From a global point of view, there is much concern on the issuesrelated to sex. LGBT is an acronym which iscommonly used in the American English. Lesbians and gays,for example, are individuals who are sexually attracted to thesame sex. On the other hand, a bisexual isa person who is drawn to both genders.However, there is much concern on sex personality since gays andlesbians are not yet fully accepted in the society.

B. Ruby Rich is a known professor in the Movie and Digital Media.Currently, she is concentrating in thecommunity certification graduation curriculum. He works in editingFilm Quarterly which is an old filmmagazine in the US. She was educated atYale University. However, she came to academic circles after anextended occupation in film demonstrations, movie and culturaljournalism, film literary curating, charity and community support.She has received various Awards including the 2006 DistinguishedCareer Achievement Award which she received from the Society forCinema and Media Studies.

More importantly, she is a critic and a member of the press. She hasprinted for numerous years in the Scholarly Press. She has also donemany works including her book Chick Flicks which waspublished by Duke University Press in 1998 (Henry,2016). Amongst others, she also has arecent volume on New Queer Cinema which is in improvement.Ruby Rich has contributed much to the film industry, for moreinformation, you can reach her through the phone address on831-459-2428 or her office address as 107 Kresge Annex B.

On her piece entitled The Village Voice, &quotA Queer Sensation,&quotshe stated the surfacing of a new QueerCinema which was produced independently.However, Rich claimed that gays and lesbians ported an ironic andsocial constructivist approach. She further described the two as HomoPomo. She also argued that gays and lesbians played a significantrole in the movie industry. She supported that by saying that theybrought pleasure in the film (Rich,2015). She tracked the global emergence of the twoacross the 1991-1992 film festival. Rich charged her readers byconcluding that gays and Lesbians existed. She went to a furtherextent of mentioning that they were amidst her audience. Rich alsodescribed the phenomenon as surprising.

&quotThe watermelon woman&quot essay was published in 1996.In the article, Rich focuses on the factors which employ significantissues towards the issues of racism in the lesbianism culture. Itmakes more history in the differences created by the racism. In theessay, she included an entertaining annotation where she was onceasked to play the role of &quotdeluded academic&quot and declinedthe post due to family emergencies. She then proceeded to the role ofCamille Paglia which instead resulted in being side-splitting. Shedescribes that it was an incredibly uncomfortable scene. She explainssome of the performances as baffled, for instance in Paglia`sperformance. She also describes it as self-parody and a full displayof earnestness. Moreover, she attests and says that the roles oflesbianism to some extent provoked debates which were hard to solve.

I summary, the societal view on sex issues have raised much concern.Globally, gays and lesbians have not yet beenaccepted fully. However, in some countries, the freedom of sexpersonality is allowed while inothers it is illegal and much discouraged.


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