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Letterof Inquiry

FloridaMiddle School

55Rose Field Avenue



10thNov 2016



2016NSLP Equipment Assistance Grants,

Food&amp Nutrition Service3101Park Center DriveAlexandria,VA 22302


TheFlorida School in Florida is looking for a grant to help inimplementing the nutritional programs for the students. At present,most learners, particularly from the low-income families cannotafford some basic needs including food. Food is an essential need,and as such, those students that lack or do not get enough of it mayfail to give 100 percent attention in class due to hunger.Apparently, these learners undergo a lot of challenges that requireimmediate attention for them to attain the required success inschool. Florida school has about 600 students. Among the 600students, 88 have been identified to be from the families that arenot in a position to afford the three meals recommendationbreakfast, lunch, and dinner. If such students are not offered achance to have enough meals, they stand a higher chance of failing intheir education and even worse, drop out of school (Fordyce-Voorham,2011).As such, an amount of $80,000 is requested in funding andimplementing the nutrition programs, as well as buying the necessaryassistive equipment both software and hardware, for the school. As amatter of fact, this comes with an assurance that the requestedamount will be well utilized as per the budget, and none will bemisappropriated. As such, mandatory guidelines will be followed inthe implementation of the program.

Numerousprograms exist both in the secondary and elementary schools in anattempt to solve the issues of inadequate food, which puts most ofthe unprivileged students in the bracket of poor performance. Thecore aim of these programs is to ensure that every student has enoughmeals, and improve their well-being and intellectual growth sincefoods contain valuable nutrients (Fordyce-Voorham,2011).On the same regard, the Nutrition Program for high school studentswill provide the necessary advice and information concerning thetypes of meals that the learners ought to eat so as to maintain goodhealth and diet. For this reason, the goals of these programs will beattained through employing a double strategy. Important to note isthat the initial concept will center on availing foods to thelearners that cannot afford. Another aspect will be to encourage theindividuals in a position to access the foods to live a healthylifestyle. The second strategy will entail the programs of training,as well as establishing campaigns to motivate the learners to do awaywith the fatty foods, and instead, integrate more fruits andvegetables in to their daily meals (Fordyce-Voorham,2011).As a matter of fact, the concept of healthy food for the studentsfrom poor background will back up the campaign of a balanced diet.

Evidently,this program cannot be possible without external ideas. As such, thevaluable ideas will be sourced from the SuperKids Nutrition program,the Power of Choice Program, Washington Apple Education Foundation,and Veggiecation program (Fordyce-Voorham,2011).Veggiecation is the program of culinary education whose coreobjective is to enlighten the children majorly with school age. Suchchildren are enlightened concerning the benefits that come along withliving healthy. The Washington Apple Education Foundation (WAEF) is aprogram that fosters healthy living for the students in theelementary schools. Lastly, the Power of Choice plan is provided bythe Department of Agriculture of the United States with the coremandate of empowering those children attending school to make correctdecisions concerning healthy living. With the ideas from the aboveprograms of nutrition, the remaining aspect will be the generation ofmoney to facilitate the buying of meals for the learners who aredisadvantaged, as well and to implement the programs of trainingregarding living a healthy life.

Thebudget established for the nutrition programs comprises of purchaseof the essential equipment, which will be used in serving the foodsthat are healthier to the students. The equipment will also beparamount in meeting the latest meal plans available. More so, andimportant to note is that the proposed nutrition programs will alsofocus on providing the vegetables and the fruits in the diets of theinstitution. The nutrition programs will also enhance the safety ofthe meals, as well as foster the physical well-being of the studentin the high school.

Tosum up, the proposed nutritional programs for the students in highschool are necessary. The programs aim at helping the students inFlorida School who cannot afford meals and hence struggle with theirattention and concentration in class due to pangs of hunger.Implementing these programs will assist such students to have enoughmeal that will help them concentrate in class, hence boosting theirperformance (Fordyce-Voorham,2011).Therefore, NSLPEquipment Assistance Grants can contribute to source funds since itis capable of buying the essential equipment. We highly appreciatethe organization for having an interest in assisting Florida Schoolin the implementation of the program to help the needy students.Kindly reach us on 705-333-1451 x234 for any further information.



TheCoordinator of Food and Nutrition


Fordyce-Voorham,S. (2011). Identification of Essential Food Skills for Skill-basedHealthful Eating Programs in Secondary Schools.&nbspJournalOf Nutrition Education And Behavior,&nbsp43(2),116-122. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jneb.2009.12.002