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Like a Roaring Lion The Overland Trail as a Sonic Conquest

Likea Roaring Lion: The Overland Trail as a Sonic Conquest

Thetitle of this secondary source is “Likea Roaring Lion: The Overland Trail as a Sonic Conquest.”It was created in June 2009, and the author is Sarah Keyes. Thethesis is the Euro-American invasion to Sarah’s homeland, and theresultant social, and environmental wrought they brought.


TheEuropean powers made use of the sound to establish their territoriesand control the culture in the New World. The Spanish used thistechnique to force the Amerindians to accept Catholicism or else themilitary would target them. Despite the efforts made by the Anglosettlers, everything was transformed to resemble that of the Englishmen.

Theoverlanders had an impact on the natives. For instance, theyattempted to erase their understanding of what the aural phenomenonwas as well as imposing a new regime on the hearing of Western’slandscape. Similarly, they made use of the auditory ceremonies toassert their claims to the land.

Theconcepts presented in this source are validly and fairly presented,accurate, significant, logical, and the language used is accessibleand easily understood as all the explanations are provided in thefootnote.

Thethree critical observations that the author has made are the effectof the activities of the overlanders to the natives, the efforts ofthe Native Americans and sufferings that women went through while atthe Sabbath on the trail as a result of changing rhythms and sounds.

“Documentsleft by the overlanders suggest that their westward treks could beunderstood as sonic assaults that wreaked violence on Indians”(Keyes, 2009). This shows that these people’s activities wereharmful to the residents in every manner. This topic is discussed inchapter 13, page 258-261 and chapter 14, page 303 of the class text.


Werethere any other economic benefits to the invaders? Did they continueto stay in the native land or they were driven away? This source haswidened my understanding of the activities the overlanders wereinvolved in while in the foreign land.


Keyes,S. (2009). &quotLike a Roaring Lion&quot: The Overland Trail as aSonic Conquest. Journalof American History,96(1),19-43.