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Lucy Larcom, A New England Girlhood

LucyLarcom, A New England Girlhood

Thetitle of this primary source is “LucyLarcom, A New England Girlhood”.The story was created in the year 1889. The author is not clearlydefined nevertheless, since the story is told from a first personnarration and this is a primary source, most probably the writer isLucy Larcom herself. The audience is women as this source focuses onthe life they go through while they are away from home. However, anyother person can use it.


Oneof the most important things that the author has said is that thegirls should learn to go out by themselves and this is the reasonthey were brought together. This is because they are also humanbeings like their male counterparts. Likewise, the grandfather usedto take off his hat and bow before the girls. This shows that menshould respect the females regardless of their age. Lastly, it issaid that the Bible was one of the forbidden books at the millthrough the rules. This shows the power of regulations governing anyplace.

“Whenhe had entered our room, and looked around for a moment, he took offhis hat and made a low bow to the girls, first toward the right, andthen toward the left” (Larcom, 1889). I value this quote becausethe old man knew the value of women and respected them all the time.Consequently, all people should learn a lesson from Lucy’sgrandfather. This topic is discussed in our text in chapter 14 (page292 to 296).


Didthe girls stay in the mill for the rest of their lifetime or whathappened to them? Did Lucy’s mother play any role in bringing herup because nothing is said about her in the source? This article hasgiven me the opportunity to learn what girls went through whileworking in the mills and their life in general. Their movement islimited, unlike for the boys.


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