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Macbeth as the Tragic Hero

Macbethas the Tragic Hero

Macbethas the Tragic Hero

Theplay Macbeth by William Shakespeare stands out as a perfectdemonstration of the author’s prowess to manipulate the audience bymolding a tragic hero whose mistakes tumbles him from an esteemedprotagonist to a cowardless murderer. Shakespeare’s dramaticmanipulation, use of figurative language and presentation of theseventeenth-century social expectation depicts the fall of a mixed upMacbeth. Usually, a tragic hero is of noble birth but is neitherassumes ay extremity of behavior. Macbeth is a tragic hero in theplay and the author creates sympathy for him by introducing otherpeople in his life who influence him to presume that the path he hastaken is the most apposite

Fisrt,Macbeth fits perfectly in the characteristic that define a tragichero in the Elizabethan age. According to Lau &amp Tso (2016), hehails from a noble family and he is basically good (he is notextremely desirable in his character). Also, just like a hero, he hasambitions that plague him, and he ends up carrying out a heinous actthat brings down his life.

Secondly,Macbeth is a tragic hero because regardless of what transpires in theplay, he owns up his actions. The author artistically drives Macbethto realize his contemplation to assassinate King Duncan (Lau &ampTso, 2016). While Macbeth thinks that the king’s epitome ofgentleness, kindness and generosity is enough to halt theassassination, his wife concludes that the murder is necessary. Heand his wife, however, executes the plot.

Shakespearetries to create sympathy for Macbeth also most successfully. Forinstance, he presents him as having second thoughts about killingKing Duncan. Shakespeare makes sure that Macbeth only carries it outthrough his wife’s conviction. Also, the author uses necromancerswho compel Macbeth to carry out his actions that lead to hisconsequent downfall (Lau &amp Tso, 2016). The witches create a dreamfor Macbeth including being the Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor andlater becoming the king. They turn the values upside down and thistopples Macbeth’s life (Lau &amp Tso, 2016).

Conclusively,Macbeth is a tragic hero in the play, and the author creates sympathyfor him by putting other people in his life who convince him that thepath he has taken is the most appropriate. He hails from a noblefamily, but his heinous actions topple him. Shakespeare introduceshis wife and witches who predict his greatness. The actions that hetakes towards fulfilling his dreams become the source of hisdownfall.


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