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Mad Max Fury Road

MadMax: Fury Road

MadMax: Fury Road

Thefilm has several themes about the level ofenthusiasm borne by a given individual. Some people see it as arepresentation of the connection between potent and feminist forcesin a wasteland, an aspect that appears to be interesting, in spite ofthe tremendous harm it has caused in the end. Clearly, the majortheme of survival where individuals are haunted by the results oftheir actions is well explained in the film. Most people, thereby,suffer from the extreme conditions that come up as consequences ofthe various actions they did in the past (Miller np). The land, whichthey live in is derelict and lacks the capacity to support the goodvegetation cover. In such a case, there is a chance that theinhabitants could end up suffering greatly from issues ranging fromfamine to other social problems associated with hunger. Notably, thepaper aims at analyzing the visual style, and content to show howthey help to enhance the major theme of the film.

Throughoutthe movie, people are faced with varying situations that push them todevelop the need to survive so as to stand out and be able to seeanother day. Most of the scenes take place in the desert where thereare extreme weather conditions, and as well, people are faced withother dangers, such as an onslaught from other individuals. Forinstance, the scene that shows Furiosa driving through a desert stormwhile being pursued by people who want to kill him depicts a person,who was much interested in staying alive (Miller np). He was so muchengaged in dodging the pursuers with full knowledge that his survivalwas based on the kind of prowess that he would apply in his driving.In general, most of the people in the film are faced with the biggestproblem of having to live in a land that is destroyed by a nuclearholocaust. The various experiences toughen them that they have had toface over time and as well, the different challenges that continue tocrop up.

Themovie has applied lots of fast cutting style whereby there is a rapidchange from one scene to another. In such a case, the viewer is madeto be quite attentive to it as he is not able to follow through thedevelopment of a given scene with extreme understanding. He,therefore, does rely on joining the dots that are contained in thesmall sections of the scenes that are shown as well as being able tointerrelate different views included in the movie in a bid to bequite aware of the development of the story and understand it fully(Miller np). The style, is, however, quite disorienting and couldremove the general thrill from the movie. The case is because somepeople are usually used to the drama that normally draws its strengthfrom the fact that it enables the audience to have a proper glimpseof the direction to which a given story is flowing. They are,therefore, able to understand the content. The fact that the moviedoes not prepare an individual for what is coming next could also beits asset given that surprise and suspense are usually essentialtools for adding thrill to a given film.

Thefilm also has centered framings that have an impeccable role ofmaking an individual glued to the movie for the most part when it isrunning. As such, a given person puts his attention towards aparticular area of the frame where an interesting action is takingplace on the screen and, therefore, helps to serve the needs ofdifferent viewers. Given the fact that people do have differentpersonalities, there is also the chance that they could be interestedin varying elements (Miller np). For instance, an art enthusiastwould be glued to a given portrait hanging on a wall while a realenthusiast would be more interested in the conversation in the samescene where Furiosa and Cheedo are talking inside a room. In such acase, the movie is made to ensure that different people see or hearwhat they are mostly interested in and will, therefore, find it quiteinteresting for them in the long run.

Thefilm also applies the use of back-and-forth method whereby there isan interlink in the story of what took place in the past aboutcurrent occurrences. Such actions are quite paramount as they help tomake the film enjoyable as well as more people get interested to knowmore about how the situation came to be (Miller np). For instance, itshows how things used to be before the nuclear disaster took place ina bid to make the audience appreciates the kind of change that hadtaken place. Such a case would, therefore, help to show that peoplewere suffering, especially, given that they were not able to go abouttheir normal activities as they would have wished for, butunfortunately had to fight off the various troubles that typicallycame before them.

Theaspect of dereliction and general need to survive also pushes peopleto turn on one another, where they view each other to be competitorsas they are sharing the same scarce resources. The aspect, therefore,shows that there is bound to be factions such as the one that was ledby Max. The mise-en-scene is also quite important in the film as itshows the direction in which the movie is going. One of the sceneswhere the style is well applied is when impoverished members of aparticular village are overjoyed to see the dead body of Joe (Millernp). They believe that the man had been quite cruel and his demiseserved as a great reprieve to them as they would be in a position togo through the various activities without having the need to lookbehind their back. The second scene is where Furiosa is being chasedwhile the third is where Furiosa reunites with Max at the war rig.All these scenes have an element of thrill in them in that they evokesome emotions on the part of the audience and, thereby, make peoplemore glued to the different scenes that are shown throughout thefilm.

Inconclusion, the film is quite pertinent in showing how human actionscould lead to the dereliction of land. It also shows the extrememeasures that people are bound to put in place to survive where theirlives are threatened. The theme of survival is, therefore, reality asopposed to merely hidden part of the content in the movie. As peopleturn on one another in a bid to survive, they open up their lives toa whole new world of trouble.


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