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Management Style




Inany state organization,management style is the general method of leadership used bymanagers. They use that style as the art of getting every stafftogether on a common platform and making use of them maximumextracting the best skills, knowledge,and talents on various skills out of them. In broad managementresponsibility ensure that workers work together as a single unit,each of them being satisfied with their job specifications thusdelivering their best(Murray, 2016).Ingeneral according to Walmart supermarket new appointment of GregForan as the Chief Executive Officerreplacing the outgoing Bill Simon had led to the riseof the issueconcerning him being non-citizen of United state managing the entireunit department due to lack of originality in the United state.

Themain critical issue affecting Mr.Greg is that despite him being a skilled, knowledgeable and universalexperience in food processing, merchandise and dedication toe-commerce technology for a decadeof years he has not worked at Walmart situated in United Statesregion. Mr.Greg has previously worked atthe same Walmart in China and another top Australian Woolworth firm.Therefore the vital critical leadership issue is being a non-citizenof the United Stateswhereby he faces a set of challenges from the fellow leaders from thevariousrelated department. The onlystaffs at the firm will drastically change their trust to a foreignCEO since they tend to believe that he won’t lead them totheir daily expectations.

Criticalissue affecting the manager will vastly changethe company decision making, motivational and competition strategy tobe discussed widely for the industry victory. For that reason, theissues can be solved adequatelyby managers working hand in hand together. Forinstance,in the case of Mr.Greg,he can engage his fellow Manager who hasexperience in the in U.S market to come up with acceptable ideas andbreakthrough concepts expected by the whole internal and externalparties(Anderson, 2014).

Inconclusion,the best management style if adoptedwill work accuratelyto a close related leading team in abidingbyrampant changes like technology and motivational spirit among variousparties.


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