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Market Strategy Implementation Issues

MarketStrategy Implementation Issues


MarketStrategy Implementation Issues

Implementinggood customer relationship management has become a great challenge inthe Coca-Cola Company due to the great number of persons served bythe company in the whole world and also due to the scarce resourcesavailable.

Inspite of the datum that Coca-Cola Company has become one of theleading non-alcoholic beverage firms in the world, it is tackled withvarious challenges in implementing its marketing and right customerrelationship management issues. The primary challenge which has facedthe implementation of the good customer relations is due to some ofthe problems which have been experienced by the company’s clients.In the recent period, there have been increased rates of awareness onthe possible or potential health effects associated with obesity andinactive lifestyles among the company’s products consumers. Being afirm based in the production of consumer foodstuff products this haschallenged the company officials in implementing the good customerrelations.

Accordingto my MBA experience, thorough commitment is required from the topmanagement to ensure that the company’s broad products line onlyconsists of a wide assortment of the beverages which have healthvalues, which takes care of the menace associated with obesity. As Iam concerned, this is only possible by offering products like water,sports drinks, as well as diet and light beverages.

Dueto the current globalization of the market and the improvedlifestyles of various individuals, consumer wants are as wellincreasingly becoming multifaceted day by day. Because of this,Coca-Cola Company has been faced with the challenge of implementingcustomer relationship management. The company is challenged indealing with the evolving consumers’ tastes and preferences as theclients are looking for more choices. The several shifts in consumersdemographic as well as needs emerge due to the existence of consumerswho are sanctioned with more knowledge and also have more informationbased on the company’s products.

Thecoca cola company also faced challenges in implanting customerrelationship management due to the existence of competitive firmswhich are involved in the production of the similar products. Thesewell-established companies also strive to re-brand their products toattract consumers hence making the users to go for the productsthinking that they are better than the coca cola products.

Coca-ColaCompany is also facing another marketing subject with its customers.This issue majorly arises due to the company’s rivalry with one ofits main competitor firm called Pepsi. This particular form ofcompetition had a potential role in affecting the consumers’attitude and demand towards the coca cola products making it lose itsmarket shares to the Pepsi Company. Lack of adequate capital alsoaffected the implementation of customer relationships managementbecause the company could not even give free offers to the customersfor motivation.

Myexperience in BMA has assisted me to help the company thrive in thebusiness sector. I have managed to expand the number of products andbrands to create more choices to encounter the consumers’ lifestylewants, desires, and needs. I have also selectively expanded intoother very profitable nonalcoholic beverages to strengthen the marketcompetitiveness and capability so that the consumers can have agreater taste for the firm’s products. In addition, the company hasafforded to include new strategies like the airtime in bottle tops tomotivate consumers. I have also established a science-based programto aid in ensuring that the products produced are of good health tothe consumers so as to shun obesity and other health disorders.