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Mazda Company Research

MazdaCompany Research

Mazdais a Japan-based organization that is involved in the manufacture aswell as the distribution of autos and parts of automobiles. The firmis also involved in the distribution of used vehicles and specialpurpose cars, manufacture and delivery of machine tools, and bodyworkbusiness (Mazda, n.d). The organization has different subsidiariesand other associated companies (Reuters, 2016).

Missionand Vision

Themission of the company is to create, inspire, and convince freshvalues to the clients through the best products and services for theautomobile. The company accomplishes this mission through usingdifferent core values (Mazda, n.d). The core values that guide thefirm are as follows

Integrity– the company adheres to moral soundness as well as a strictethical standard that is guided by values such as sincerity, honesty,appropriate of action, and avoidance of deception.

Teamwork– the organization strives working together in its undertakings andaims at success in all its endeavors working as a team helps inachieving what seems impossible.

Customers– the company focuses on service excellence in all its units andcreates a unique client experience that surpasses their expectation.

Quality– the entity prioritizes on excellence in providing its products tothe clients.

Thevision of the Mazda Company is to be the leading premier automobileas well as spare parts provider.


Interms of market share, the company is ranked fifth in Japan behindToyota, Nissan Motor, Honda, and Suzuki Motor Corporation.


Positioningin the industry is an important aspect in ensuring that targetcustomers receive information concerning the attributes of theproducts that are to be offered by an organization. In the industry,positioning is determined by competitive pressures, key messages,available communication channels, and customer needs.


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