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Meaning of Food and Family

Meaningof Food and Family

Meaningof Food and Family

Traditionally,family meal was acknowledged as an important aspect of stable andstrong coexistence. It used to be the moment when people could cometogether to share ideas after their different daily activities(Ogden, 2012). There are societal factors that have impacted sharedmeals, and because the virtue of ceremonial eating is fast fading,the meaning of food is equally disappearing among cultures.

Familymeals lost their meaning with the emergence of industrial revolution.Through the revolution, many family members got separated. Forinstance, some members who were students joined different schools indifferent locations. The middle class required a way to differentiatethemselves from the rest of the society members who were arguablypoor in etiquette (Counihan &amp Van Esterik, 2012). Even thoughthis has not been manifested in my family, I have seen it around theneighborhood.

Toclarify different cross-cultural food customs, there is theattribution theory which focuses on how people view the behaviors ofothers. The dispositional ascriptions make individuals to attribute aparticular food to certain event or issue. Also, there is the drivetheory that suggests that togetherness during meals causes meaning toa situation (Ogden, 2012).

Communitiesattribute meat eating to different meanings. For instance, inAmerican Samoa, ceremonial activities center on meat eating. Equally,in Brazil, families demonstrate social rank or prosperity bypreparing huge quantities of meat (Ogden, 2012).Among manycommunities in Africa, families mark celebrations by meat roasting.

Conclusively,various foods have different roles in the cultural traditions ofpeoples around the world. After Ramadan, Muslims eat and drinkcommunally to celebrate and show the importance of their faith.Similarly, the Orthodox Jews celebrate over their ‘kosher diets’to show honor to the Jewish scriptures. Different factors haveimpacted shared meals making it lose its meaning.


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