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MercyCorps is a non-governmental organization that provides aid for peoplein places that have experienced natural disasters, conflicts, oreconomic collapse. Its mission is to ease poverty, sufferings, aswell as oppression through assisting people to construct safe,productive, and just societies. Ellsworth Culver and Dan O Neillitsfounded Mercy Corps in the year 1979 with the original name beingSave the Refugees Fund. Its aim was to save the Cambodian refugeesfrom famine, war, and genocide. Currently, it operates in 40countries. Mercy Corps has been of great help to most countries thathave experienced instability due to wars, natural disasters, andeconomic turmoil. Some of the countries assisted by Mercy Corpsinclude North Korea, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Myanmar.1

Someof the websites with information about mercy corps give inaccuratedetails that are not reliable compared to what is available on itswebsite. For instance, an article in the New York Times portrayedMercy Corps as working in contravention to its mission. This wasdepicted when Mercy Corps backed out of a $38 million program fundedby the USAID in Afghanistan to help farmers in four provinces innortheastern because it was not willing to turn over the names of itslocal partners under the PVS (Partner Vetting System).2

Otherauthors seem to support the information on Mercy Corps’ website asauthentic and reliable. Jonathan Lewis writing for the HuffingtonPost argues that Mercy Corps is working towards accomplishing itsmission even though the organization has a poor exit strategyconcerning some areas like medical research and free speech.3However, given that the organization does not stay in a given countrypermanently, it needs to consider an exit strategy from the start. Inthe Leadershipnewspaper,Mercy Corps was reported to have rolled out financial inclusiontraining in Nigeria aimed at teaching the youths to save. The programis portrayed as in line with the organization’s mission to easepoverty.4

Inconclusion, this paper reviewed the website of Mercy Corps andcompared the information available with others. The discussiondetermined that there are criticisms of Mercy Corps touching on itsoperations and activities. The paper concluded that despite thesecriticisms, the organization’s website provided sufficientinformation about its activities.


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