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Message in Orwell`s book 1984

Messagein Orwell’s book 1984



Thenovel Nineteen Eighty-Four is a dystopian book written in themodernist period. The book was written in 1949 during world war one.Nineteen Eighty-Four is a plausible political thriller that createsan imaginary world. The setting of the book is in an airstrip wherethere was omnipresent government surveillance. Individuals in thisstates suffer in the hands of the tyranny. Orwell’s book representsthe happenings during the rise of fascist and communist states.

Thebook characterizes the fall and destruction of the world. The bookoutlines events such as social unrest and general failure in the riseof new government. The political systems in this state dictate thepublic. A lot of individuality and oppression is present in this newregime. The novel holds an imaginary power that seems to grow withoutlessening over time. The book reflects the outcomes of a war and howevents eventually turn against what was expected.”Here comes the chopper to chop off your head” Theturnout of events seems to satirize the power of the new regime. Thecharacters are used symbolically to show the new era and the old one.The characters also present the happenings in the story. The bookthrough its themes and symbolism clearly reflects the ruling regimesin the world (Bloom,121)

Thenovel Nineteen Eight-Four is a quite informative. The book wasclearly written to pass some messages to the readers. The book waswritten to give information on dangers of autocracy government.Autocracy in government is a government where the people have no sayover what has been mentioned by the government whether it is right orwrong. Orwell wrote the novel as a wake-up call to the Westernnations which are still uncertain on how to approach communism. In1949 most Americans supported communism, and cold war had not yetrisen. Diplomacy between the communist nations and democracy wasstill indefinite. Orwell was highly concerned about in cruelty andoppressions increasing in the communist countries. He seemed to behighly concerned with the role played by technology in leadership. Inthe novel, Orwell portrays absolute tyrannical rule, “bigbrother is watching you. Freedom is slavery,’’where the government controlled and monitored all aspects of humanbeings. The government here is portrayed as disloyal and against thelaws. Winston is used to showing the limits to party’s power andhow the party controls its citizens. “…Theparty seeks power entirely for its own sake” (Bloom,109).

Orwellalso lists the effects of Propaganda. Propaganda is used to pervadecommunication. The party is used to propagate political power. Allwhat the citizen believe in is propagated and their perception aboutthe leadership changed. The ministry of truth is full of propagandaand Winston Smith is the agent of propaganda. Winston destroys therecords of the past that he knows were true. This action is gearedtowards hiding the truth from the citizens. He also writes a newstory to replace a story in the Times which was instructed to resolveissues. His story propagates lies as facts, and the citizens remainin a dilemma. People`s beliefs about what is right do not matter tothe party they are concerned about the beliefs they form aboutpolitical issues.”…Weare not interested in the good of others we are interested solely inpower, pure power”(Bloom,97).

ThePeople in Orwell`s imaginary world live in a country where there ismanipulation, and individual thoughts are banned. The sloganconvinces the citizens what they have is the best.”War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”It is only the leader who is supposed to think and make a decision.The citizens do not have independent thoughts, and they can`tquestion the regime. “….ifboth the past and external world exist only in the mind, and if themind itself is controllable-what then?”The common people do not find thinking important hence do not gettime to investigate what the party has taught them. Winston is theonly man in the entire community who is liberal-minded and ready toquestion the wisdom of Big Brother. He finds that he is the onlyperson who wants to use his mind. He does not believe that he is theonly man seeking the truth. Hence, he ends up trusting the wrong menwho later convert him not believing Big Brother (Bloom,102).

BigBrother reign existed in an imaginary world and was used symbolicallyto warn the world of the incoming regimes. Big Brother prevented theOceania, Eurasia, and East Asia people from living in a free world.The individuals in these states are physically controlled. Thegovernment continuously watches over their deeds. Individual’snervous systems have become their biggest enemy. “Thechildren, on the other hand, were systematically turned against theirparents and taught to spy on them and report deviation”The Big Brothers regime forces its citizens to undergo morning massexercises known as the physical jerks. The people in these states arelive in exhaustion where they are continuously compelled to work forlong. Big Brother presents most world leaders who have succeeded inmanipulating people’s ideas through censorships (Bloom,132).


Lastly,the structure of language is an important aspect of centralization.Orwell proposes that Language is an integral part that enablesunderstanding of the thought structures. The party has changed thelanguage of Newspeak from English to prevent the common people fromquestioning the party’s power.“..Because there will be no words in which to express it”.1984, reflects the world powers where the citizen lives in a shadow.Man’s ability to free thinking has been manipulated, and somegovernment has continuously been hiding their activities throughtheir management of news and spoken world.


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