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Misconceptions about Addiction


Addiction is a condition that results in a person losing control overhis/her urge to consume a certain drug (The Catholic University ofAmerica, 2016). Despite knowing the repercussions of their behaviors,addicts do not have a choice but to continue satisfying their cravingfor a particular drug. Individuals who do not use illicit drugs havecertain misconceptions about addiction.

There is a prevalent misconception that addiction is as a result oflack of control. People perceive addicts as willingly making adecision to use specific drugs. As such, people do not see addictionas a disease. Instead, they see it as a lack of willpower. Thisperception is not true. Just like any other condition such as highblood pressure or asthma, addiction is a disease that develops overtime. Certain people are more prone to it as a result of their genes.It is also a disease because when a person ceases from using certaindrugs, he/she develops withdrawal symptoms that may be fatal (TheCatholic University of America, 2016).

The other myth about addiction is that only specific groups of personcan fail to control their craving for certain illicit drugs. Somepeople think that addicts are people from low socioeconomicbackgrounds, male, and unemployed. This is not true because everybodycan become addicted to drugs regardless of his/her economic status,gender, or race (The Catholic University of America, 2016).

Some people think that only hard drugs are addictive. Drugs such asmethamphetamine, heroin and cocaine are highly addictive and lethal.However, the majority of people suffering from addiction haveproblems with alcohol and marijuana (The Catholic University ofAmerica, 2016).

Besides, some individuals view relapse as akin to failure. Theinability of a person to overcome the urge to use a certain drug isnot the failure of the individual. Instead, relapse calls for achange or modification of the treatment plan (The Catholic Universityof America, 2016).

In conclusion, there many myths held by different people regardingthe issue of addiction. Some people believe that addiction is a lackof free will, only certain drugs are addictive, and that relapseequals failure. Besides, there is a common myth that only particulargroups of people can lose control over drugs. However, all these aremisconceptions.


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