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Movie Analysis Spartacus (1960)


The movie Spartacus (1960) that was directed by StanleyKubrick captures the events that led to the slave revolt in the RomanEmpire. More importantly, it reveals the interaction of the peoplefrom different cultures that were in the same kingdom. In this case,Kubrick shows that the slaves had the lowest position in thesocio-economic hierarchy. In fact, they had to work in the quarriesand the farms that were owned by the aristocrats. They were alsotrained as the gladiators and fought to entertain the wealthierpeople in the society. This essay will explore the relationshipbetween the aristocrats and the slaves in the movie Spartacus (1960)and conclude how useful the film is.

The movie shows that the black people were the slaves and thewealthier ones used them for their selfish gains. For instance, itdescribes how the women want the slaves to entertain them by fightingwhile they enjoy themselves. Besides that, Peter Ustinov reveals theway Spartacus smells like a rhinoceros and asks the camp gladiatordealer if he can buy him1.The description shows how the slaves were seen as a problem and theydid not get the respect that they deserved as human beings. Itinsists that the cultural superiority was a crucial aspect of themovie and the slaves were the victims of the discrimination2.However, is not convincing enough and it fails to mention the timethat Spartacus served in the Roman army. In fact, this particularaspect helps Spartacus in defeating the Roman army since he knew thespecific war tactics that they employed in attacking others.

The film is quite effective in presenting the interaction of thedifferent cultures. The movie is more entertaining and it ensuresthat the audience is able to capture the most important events duringthe slave revolt. In this case, the scenes are exciting, and thefights, as well as the way they were working in the quarries, alsoreveals the type of life that the slaves had. Apart from that, itillustrates various themes that were common during that period suchthat the politics, social classes, slaves and the revolt that theyorchestrated3.The way that the movie has incorporated all these issues in the filmis quite interesting. More important, it is clear that the slaveswere tired of the way that the Romans treated them and the revolt wasone way to reveal their frustrations.

It is informative and describes in detail how various events occurredin the past. In particular, it focuses on the Romans, and it showsthe way that the slaves planned the revolt to defeat the army. Itinsists that the slaves were expected to work in the farms and thequarries4.Apart from that, they also had to entertain the Romans, and that iswhy they trained as gladiators and worked hard to be the bestfighters. However, some issues are a bit misleading, and one has torely on the historical documents for the facts about the event. Forinstance, Spartacus was not born in slavery, an aspect that the moviehas failed to portray. On the other hand, the Spartacus was nevercaptured, and he died in the battle because of an injury on histhigh.

In conclusion, the movie is informative and paints the reasons thatled to the slavery revolt, despite, various historical inaccuracies.In particular, it shows that the slaves were the poor ones and theywere treated in a discriminative nature. In fact, the oppression ledto Spartacus leading his fellow slaves against the Romans in a fiercebattle between the two sides.


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