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Movie “Game of Thrones” Film Response

Movie &quotGameof Thrones&quot Film Response

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Movie &quotGameof Thrones&quot Film Response

Formal Elements Of TheFilm

Two main formal elementsuse in this movie are fantasy and the science fiction. Both theseelements address the issue related to philosophical changes. The mainreason for the popularity of “games of thrones” is the concept ofnature of political leadership and strength. According to theCarpenter: “Mostly adult observe and enjoy it due to pulpy storieshaving rural-non flair .it could have left fans slack-jawed with glee after giving them aswan song full of fantastic action scenes and creatively stagedfistfights”(Carpenter,2016, p.n.d)

Social Elements Of TheFilm

The social element of thisfilm is the series principle which makes the viewer attach with theunbelievable political world. The presentation of three-dimensionalcharacters emphasizes the viewers to learn more about the personaland professional development and understand the attributes ofhumanity. Viewers love to observe the growth of their fictionalcharacters. “Games of thrones” gives help to the new generationto understand the complexity of the modernized world. Author Martinexpresses political instability as the phenomenon of the modernworld. The series episode represents political actions and reactionsin the true sense. Furthermore, the author set the scenes against thesurroundings of the medieval world which is quite less complicatedcompared to the 21stcentury and portrays the old concept like “ an eye for an eye” (Lawson, 2013, p.n.d).

Music And SoundInteraction Of Film

The music and sound of“games of thrones” are very popular due to its main theme ofpolitical nature , which appears several times. This movie usesnon-medieval and rendition version of the music in its songs. Thiskind of music combination produce affection and attraction for theviewers (&quotGame of Thrones&quot, 2016, p.n.d).


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