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Thefilm entitled TheGreat Gatsbyis based on the novel by Scott Fitzgerald’s novel written in theyear 1925. The film revolves around a series of love triangles,betrayal, and death. Out of the characters depicted therein, JayGatsby is an individual who does not fail to catch the attention ofthe audience. As such, he is a man who developed from a poorchildhood background into a wealthy individual. However, it issuggested that he used illegal tactics to achieve his goals. Thetheme of love in the narrative is accentuated by the fact thatGatsby’s struggles were fuelled by his love for Daisy Buchanan.However, Daisy ends up marrying Tom Buchanan, and Gatsby vows to tryand win her back [ CITATION Baz13 l 1033 ].In another story written by Richard Wright, The Man who was almost aman, another character isbrought to light. Dave Saunders is an adolescent struggling with theeffects of being a poor person without opportunities. He embarks onthe journey of seeking maturity and independence with the hope thathaving power will ensure that he is respected. Ultimately, his questfor adulthood facilitates a shift in the society pushing the blackAmericans to look for better opportunities in other regions.

Thesetwo characters have significant similarities despite being obtainedfrom different sources. First and foremost, both individuals comefrom poor backgrounds. As mentioned earlier, Gatsby is a poor man whohas an inward desire to be a great man one day. Likewise, Saunders isa victim of poverty and being looked down upon. This situationcreates in him an urge to break free and establish a life where he isrespected and independent. Another similarity is that bothindividuals use methods that can only be deemed as illegal orunlawful to attain their objectives. Dave, for instance, decides touse a quick way by targeting the guns that are on sale while fixatedon the notion that the raw power associated with wielding guns willgive him control. Similarly, Gatsby achieves his target by being artand parcel of organized crime, ranging from the distribution ofillegal alcohol and taking part in the sale of stolen securities.

Themain reason for selecting these two people is the elements embeddedin their character and association with the other individuals in thefilm and novel respectively. The two are driven by their passion tothe extent that they almost fail to apply rationality. While it isevident that certain underlying childhood, problems can not only moldthe character of a person in adulthood but also create an ideologythat facilitates either obsession with wealth or infatuation withpower and independence. Apparently, the two selected people areclassic examples of how living an impoverished life is hectic and howthe need to flee from such is everyone’s ultimate aim.

Thecharacters possess elements that one can relate to especially in thereal-life situation. In the case of the film The Great Gatsby, we cancollude that human nature compels us to do all that is in our powerto make sure things happen. The power of love is illuminated in theway the main character seeks ways to reunite with the former loverDaisy. In a parallel fashion, the novel about Dave Saunders clearlyillustrates how human nature compels one to do things contrary to theexpected without caring about the repercussions. In most instances,people are usually impatient and tend to neglect the consideration ofsacrifices associated with adulthood.


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