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Movie “Vision” Film Response

Movie&quotVision&quot Film Response

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Movie&quotVision&quot Film Response

Formal Elements Of TheFilm

The formal element of thismovie shows the sophistication and elegant appearance. Narrative,acting and photography in themovie are all very well-organized, but the presentation of the plotis very sequential as it conveys the idea to cover the entire lifeand attributes of Hildegard. However, the dialog delivery is also toolong and the representation of subtitles is difficult to read becausethe picture moves fast. It might be boring for the viewers. In thismovie, there is a very significant theme having many of the positiveideology of Jesus and Christianity. Vision movie represents thepowerful aspects of natural and romantic element. It clearlyindicates that the director is focusing on crossing the gap of theteaching of Christianity (Ebert,2016, p.n.d).

Social Elements Of TheFilm

In the social elements ofthis movie, the extraordinary positive characteristics of women openin front of our eyes, the maker of this movie produced the thought ofvaluable inner voice for society. The creativity supports the visionthat chasing conscience is necessary when the situation seemed to bedisturbing from all sides. Hildegard character gives the concept ofusing natural herbs and roots as the medicines in the society. Sheconveys the idea of drug-free treatment for those who prefers naturalelements for the recovery of health. Although the Hildegard also hasthe authority to become the member of the church, but she obeys thecommands of the bible and works on the relationship with Jesus(&quotVISION Movie guide&quot, 2016, p.n.d).

Music And SoundInteraction Of Film

There are two types of sound and music usedin this movie i.e. non-digestic and digestic sound. In the digestic,sound effect creates by the combination of object voice such as carpassing as it is present in the scene. In the non-digestic, the voiceof God and sound effect creates the dramatical influence. The voiceof God represents the special effect that combines the sound effectwith the inner conscience (&quotFrom the Life of Hildegard vonBingen&quot, 2012, p.n.d).


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