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Music in South America

Musicin South America

Musicis at the heart of South America. Amongst its traditions and culture,music remains to be a part of South America to the present. SouthAmerica roots its music culture in the Andes and music has over theyears developed to be a part of the people’s lives (Tucker, 2013).These songs and dances have not only been popularized in SouthAmerica but also across the borders. The popularity of music withSouth American sound has been embraced all over the world. It is alsonotable how pop music has been embraced into the South Americanculture.

Thecountries that make up South America have a distinct sound anddifferent dances. Countries like Peru, Chile and Argentina have awide range of musical traditions. Huayno, for example, is thetraditional music of Andes. This type of music makes use of differentinstruments such as pan flutes. The originality of this music is whatmainly sets South America apart from other countries of the world(Minnis, 2002). When listening to South American music, there isalways a distinct meaning and sound of the many genres. However,there is always familiarity when the music is played. It would behard to miss a beat made in this culture. There are numerous messagespassed on in the music and the lyrics are well composed based ondifferent messages and themes. The subjects include seasons, harvest,family, love, mourning amongst other topics that affect people intheir every daily life.

Themusic dates back in the early 20th century and some from before the20th century. An example is Samba music and dance which dates back atthe end of the 19th century after which it was popularized. Thisgenre reflects back to the people’s origin in Africa. It is a wayof showing the heritage of those who came to settle in South America.The other types of music famous in South America include bossa nova(derived from Samba), marinera, and salsa amongst numerous othergenres.

Despitebeing keen on their culture and tradition in music, those in SouthAmerica have in recent years adopted modern music. There has been adynamic growth of music in this generation, for example, pop, rock,and house music have grown into the modern musical culture. Latin popparticularly has been the most popular genre in the U.S. This soundgets its influence from South America, mixed with American pop music.However, the music culture of South America has still stood itsground despite this new musical culture that belongs to thisgeneration (Miller, 2009). . There still remains an importance inpassing on the traditions to generations to come.


Mypaper thus seeks to lay out in-depth information on the music anddance culture in South America. Having one of the most popularmusical cultures, I will outline the different genres of music anddance that date back to the 9th century to date. To have a clearunderstanding of the pop music culture that has developed in recentyears, I will do a pop songs review based on South American culture.The review will be specific to the different kinds of music, theimportance of this culture and the musical influence modern music hashad on South America’s musical culture. I shall also outline theexpansive popularization of music and dance from this musical regionof the world.


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