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Muslims consider Maskid in Arabic) as a Holy plac

Muslimsconsider Maskid in Arabic) as a Holy place. It is a place wherefollowers of Islam meet to worship. Masjid mosque also referred to asMasjid al-Haram is the world’s first mosque. It is the world’slargest mosque. It surrounds Kaaba, the Islam’s holiest place. Itlocated at Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is considered the GreteMosque of Mecca, the Grand Mosque and the most sacred mosques byMuslim believers. Muslims often perform the obligatory daily prayer(salat) while facing the direction of the Kaaba (Qibla). Muslims arerequired to perform Hajj pilgrimage at Masjid al-Haram at least oncein their lifetime.

TheMasjid mosque has been expanded to accommodate the ever increasingnumber of believers of Islam who either perform the annual hajj tothe city of live in the area. The current structure of Masjid mosquecovers the area estimated to be 88.2 acres (356,800 square meters)including indoor and outdoor praying spaces.

Muslimsbelieve that the Masjid mosque was constructed by Abraham and Ishmael(Abraham’s son). It is believed that Allah showed Abraham the sitefor the construction of Masjid mosque, near the Well of Zamzam.Abraham and Ishmael are believed to have begun constructing themosque in Carca 2130 BCE. Islamic scholars claim that Abrahamreceived a black stone from an Angel following his construction ofthe Kaaba. The celestial stone is believed to have fallen on AbuQubays hill from Heaven. It is also believed that this celestialstone was whiter than milk. However, it was made black by the sins ofAdam’s son. This celestial stone is reportedly the only remnant ofAbraham’s original structure. After Abraham had place celestialstone inside the mosque, Allah gave him a revelation to go and meetmankind and program pilgrimage, so that people may come from SouthArabia and other lands far away, on foot and camel.

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Muhammadis believed to have returned in Mecca in 630. Muhammad and Ali IbnAbi Talib (Muhammad’s son) broke the idols around and inside theKaaba into pieces. This marked the end of using Kaaba by pagans. Thismarked the begging of constructing the Masjid al-Haram around theKaaba. Major renovation to Masjid mosque occurred in 692. The outerwalls of the mosque were raised. Decorations were added to thebuilding’s ceiling. Later the old wooden columns of the Masjidmosque were replaced with marble columns. The wings of its playerhall were extended and a minaret added. The influx of pilgrims fromthe Middle East and other countries around the globe led to therebuilding of the mosque. There more minarets and more marbles wereadded.

SaudiKings made major renovations between 1955 and 1973 including addingfour more minarets, refurnishing the ceiling and replacing the floorwith artificial marble and stone. The Mas’a gallery was included inthe mosque via enclosements and roofing. An outdoor player area and anew wing were added to the mosque during the second Saudi renovation.The extension and the adding of the new wing used for prayers happedbetween 1982 and 1988. More minarets and other developments wereperformed between 1988 and 2005. This included erecting the residencefor the king. This extension resulted in three domes, theinstallation of about 500 marble columns and 18 more gates. Otherdevelopments to the mosque include the addition of air conditioning,a drainage system, escalators, and heated floors.

Thecurrent expansion and forth extension began in 2007. It is projectedto last until 2020. It is expected to accommodate 2 million people.King Abdulaziz initiated the northern expansionin August 2011.