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My Autobiography



Igrew up in Nirankari Colony a slum in Delhi, India. Currently, Ilive in the USA. Nirankari has an increasingly large population, andit is one of the most dangerous places in India. Our neighborhood hadthe highest number of crime committed in the whole of India. Myfather had a small tax and accounting business that supported ourfamily financially since he was the breadwinner of the household. Hedied later, and this was the greatest blow that ever hit me becausehe was the one supporting me financially with my education. Suchhappenings, however, only made me more determined to achieve mygoals. I studied in India till high school where I graduated as theonly student out of the 60 students. Later, I pursued Bachelor’sdegree in Science and Accounting in the USA and whenever I recalledmy childhood in India, the motivation to live the “American dream”drove me to earn my bachelor’s degree. In 2007, I also earned acertificate in Corporate Governance Compliance from Tulane Online LawSchool and graduated from Law school in 2015 with Juris Doctorate.Currently, I work as a consultant in the area of tax and accounting with major audit companies

Howwould you describe your personal style? What principles and valuesare important to you?

Mypersonal style swings towards the classic which is also described asthe classic clothing personality. This stems from the fact that Iappreciate that clothes help me to express my innermost feelings andthoughts. As such, I always choose specific clothes and consider thebest way to wear most appropriately and I will feel out of place whenattending occasions that obliges me to dress in a certain style whichis different from my lifestyle. As reflected in my choice ofclothes, I like being unique and special in a way that I alwayscreate a world during spells of loneliness. During this moments, mycreative instinct and sound decision making is unrivalled.

FromMyer Briggs Inventory, my personal style can also be described assensational feeler. My orientation leans towards feeling for others.This one resonates well with my humble beginnings and episodes whenmy classmates, who were children, brought weapons to school to eitherthreaten students and teachers or to protect themselves. As Isympathized with them, I knew I had to remain calm and graceful toescape destitution. I believe in be more focused, helpful anddisciplined and not to hurt anyone. I always prefer being kindrather than right. This principle has enabled me to balance my sociallife and personal space which is important.

Whatare your main strengths and weaknesses?

Fromthe quiz on my strength and weakness, my top five strengths includeinnovation, ambition, curiosity, as well as integrity and risk taker. Innovation is my top most strength and this enables me to exercisefull extend of my abilities. I recognize the need to seek avenueswhere my ideas are most valued and natured by working with andthrough others to stimulate my thinking. Also, Ambition tie this toattached questionnaire has been part of me since childhood. This canbe seen when despite being placed in immigration deportation removalproceedings, I persevered and continued my studies Also, I am a risktaker (tie this to attached questionnaire) in life and this hashelped me overcome the innate responses to anxiety and being able toface each situation that I encounter in life while upholding myintegrity, which is an essential aspect of my life considering my Lawcareer which requires an individual who would not compromise his orher integrity.

Despitehaving different strengths, I also have weaknesses that I try toconquer tie this to attached questionnaire every day. One of my majorshortcomings is setting goals that have got specific deadlineswithout figuring a way of achieving them within the specific time.Sometimes I end up failing in my tasks even though I am capable ofpassing only because of the time factor. As a result, I may end upbeing depressed, and it may take time before I set another goal.Also, attending meetings which are not in my schedule continuouslywastes my time that I could use elsewhere in attaining a particularobjective in life. Moreover, change is also another huge weaknessthat appears hard to cope with to me especially when it happensabruptly because I do plan for each and everything. So when there isthe change I find it hard to overcome the variation that tends tooccur despite the fact that I am a risk taker. I consciously work toovercome these weaknesses.

Howdo the self-assessments support your views?What have you learnedabout yourself from these assessments?

Thefirst section of OB self-quiz related to my motivation, I scoredhighest in self-actualization, security and social aspects. On socialaspect, I believe in serving and working with others and this makesme get along very well with peers and colleagues. To realizeself-actualization, I desire to create opportunities that allowpersonal growth and development by giving help to others. Suchopportunities will help me to use my potentials to achieve mydesires. I realized this during the fifteen month contract working as a Revenue Auditor for the state of Washington’sDepartment of Revenue. In this position, I examined various excisetax policies. I also audited companies to determine whether they hada nexus to Washington, and if so, whether they complied with theapplicable tax laws. These are moments that I cherish since Irealized the best of my abilities.

Onself-efficacysection and MyersBriggs Inventory (MBTI),I learnt that my style veered towards the sensation feeler. Insummary, I am reluctant to accept change, I over rely on rules andregulations while also focusing too much on present. Also, I amsympathetic and get motivated by the approval of others. Whileestablishing cordial relationships is my strength here, the greatestweakness is the inability to make negative decisions affecting lowperformers as I learnt while working for audit companies onSarbanes-Oxley Compliance. Also, I am motivated by my winningmentality. I was the winner of the yoga championship when I was stilla youth. Being part of the team that helped in fixing the issuesconcerning taxes, and the capital that is in connection with GAAP andthe international financial reporting standards (IFRS) is part of myachievements. I bring this mentality to the Department of Revenue inWashington as a Revenue Auditor where I work.

Also,MyersBriggs Type Indicatorshowed that I am extroverted when it comes to gathering information.This means that I am very confident and I prefer social situations inaddition to being assertive in what I do. I learn easily from othersand this has helped me to chart my career path and go this farbecause I know how to channel that extra energy into constructiveactivities. Also, in quiz 5, in DeterminingYour Social Stylesection, the result showed that I am amiable. In deed this means thatI am caring and supportive. This comes about because I can be reliedupon and be trusted as I have demonstrated in my place of work. As anaccountant and a legal practitioner, maintaining clients’confidentiality is a prerequisite and that is where I thrive well. Asmuch as I work best in a team, that does not rule out my ambition forleadership positions. On the weaknesses, amiable personalities areemotional and slow in making decisions. This realization is anintegral part of self-awareness and I will be keen to balance here.

Whatdo you want to achieve in the next 5&nbspyears—in&nbspyourcareer and in your personal life?


I now want to shift my focus to LLM – Tax, a degree that willallow me to increase my knowledge in tax law. I want to develop myability to understand and analyze applicable laws for my clients andadvise them accordingly. I have background in both SALT andInternational law. I want to focus my law degree towards it. Currently, there has been lot of tax work that has been done betweenUSA Federal law and other countries. For example, if a company fromJapan wants to start a business in Fairfax, VA there has been lot ofwork done between USA federal and Japan tax treaty laws. However,there is a huge lack of understanding between VA state laws and Indiataxation laws. I want to focus on issues between states in USA toother countries. In my past experience, I have noticed that duringthe merger &amp acquitting, companies generally over look the statetax complications especially if it is related to internationalmerger. That may cause an ineffective tax planning. Further,several tax complications and penalties. This raises a huge cost onthe companies. It’svery important for me to understand bothstate/national and international rules and regulations to help myprospective clients.


Aftercompleting my Masters in Law, one of the first things I wouldconsider is establishing my law firm which would be very helpful tothe society around. Personally, in the ext five years, I want to havekids. I want t have a good healthy life style, – work- out, I ran 14half marathons but ultimate run four half marathons every year. Devote my self in meditation and yoga. In life, there are so manybattles that one must fight to achieve the different goals that weset. The principles and values are there to guide us so that we canknow our boundaries in life.