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My Greatest Talent

MyGreatest Talent


MyGreatest Talent

Mygreatest skill mainly involves holding responsibilities. The talentdeveloped when I was only a ten-year-old upon the realization of mymother’s medical condition. She was diagnosed with breast cancermaking it a probable reason for her early death. Since her illnessdid not allow her to take care of us, my sibling and I had todelegate house chores like cleaning and cooking because out fatherwas occupied with her care. These responsibilities went on for awhile and allowed me to study independently.

Incontrast to my earlier belief that responsibilities where annoying, Ifound them rather enjoyable over time. The more responsibilities Ihad, the more I was self-fulfilled. Consequently, I decided to engagemyself increasingly with school clubs and strived to be a leader ofsome of the school groups. For instance, I joined the school debateteam and worked my way up to be the team captain. The responsibilitygave me the opportunity to coordinate great minds and ensure thesuccess of the club’s activity.

Overtime, my ability to take and hold on to responsibilities effectivelyallowed me to develop a sense of independence. In my senior year, Idecided on renting my own apartment just at the tender age ofseventeen. Therefore, I managed to make a time table so that I canfulfil my tasks at the appropriate time. I also went ahead to take ajob that allowed me to pay for my apartment and other needs, as wellas, help my other sibling where need be. Accordingly, takingresponsibilities has helped me develop into a good citizen.