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My Knight in Shining Armor

MyKnight in Shining Armor

MyKnight in Shining Armor

Whetherit is a comprehensive neuro-assessment or a brief check ofneurological status, a neurological assessment is a critical element,which can be used to uncover the functioning of a nervous systembefore it is too late. In practice, a neurological assessment is usedto monitor progression and determine the type of care that is neededto a patient. Once a thorough examination has been conducted,subsequent events should be focused on solving the problem.

Inthe “” video clip, it is clear thepatient is suffering from memory loss (Bryant, 2008). Forgetfulnesscan be a frequent part of aging. Accordingly, people may realize thatthey do not easily remember things. Nevertheless, some memoryproblems are as a result of health-related issues which may betreatable.

Inthe “” video clip, considering the fearthat is seen in the man in the video, it is prudent to conduct amental status test. Fundamentally, the man looks disturbed and afraidbecause he did not find anything familiar. The patient will beexamined to test if his verbal communication is clear and if he ismaking logic while talking. This can be done by observing the patientduring a normal interaction.

Also,it could also be plausible to perform a cognitive impairment test totest his ability to feel and his memory. This analysis may be done byusing an assortment of instruments such as tuning forks, dullneedles, and alcohol swabs, among others. It could also be cautiousto contact the patient’s arms, legs or other parts of the body tohave him recognize the consciousness.


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