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New York Sons of Liberty

NewYork Sons of Liberty

InAmerica, the drawback of freedom has significantlyincreased with somegroups among them the media, human rights organizations focusing onvarious ways to address the issue. The designation of the freedomlimits has never been consistent in the United States due to thecontinuous changes drafted on it. The limitations of freedom arehowever coupledwith selfish and self-centered governance that restricts the freedomof expression and ideological opinion.

Thesons of liberty are a New York based group that wasoriginally formedby nine men who openly sacrificed their time energy and resources forthe cause of freedom. The peoplesuffered, gave up their comfort and at the timetheir lives for the peace and general well-beingof their country. Ideally, it should benotedthat this organization was mainly formed to help advocate for therights and freedom of colonists as well as fight the imposed taxationby the British government. Amidstthe continuous struggle and danger as well as the many privationsfaced by the nine men, they refused to complain or give up on theirquest. Because of their persistence, the menacted in groups in a bid to widely influence their targeted publics.The two key member of the organization were JohnLamb of New York and William Bradford of Philadelphia. The New Yorksons of liberty weremostly supportedby artisans, mechanics,and laborers who sort to mobilize the colonial discontent with theEngland’s rule. In a bid to achieve this, the group used a methodregularlyreferred to as “galvanization of the masses.” Through this, theywere able to organize demonstrations, force the Crown officials toresign, circulate petitions, and publish newspaper articles anddistribution of handbills.

Thefundamentalpurpose of this particular article is to identify and discuss theimportance of the New York Sonsof Liberty.The essay will also discuss the general significance of the groupduring its time and later in the United States history. Bydoing this, the articleseeks to build and enhance the readers understanding and perceptionof the importance and contributions of the New York Sonsof Libertywithin the American history. Toachieve this,the essay will identify and use specific quotes used by theorganization.

Thegroupwhich made its first appearance inlate1767 made animmensecontribution to the American Revolution. For example in itsmanifesto, the New York Sonsof Libertystates, “Revolutions aremade,they come… it comes out of the past. Its foundations arelaidfar back.” Being one of the primary agitators of a revolt thatfosterthe country’s independence, the New York Sonsof Libertyquest was similar to the American Revolution. The American Revolutionled to the struggle for moralfreedom that saw young and brave Americans make obvious the needfreedom of expression to allow for laws that respected theestablishment of legislationas well as the freeexercise of self-will.Thisisbecause the American government was remarkablyembodied in its national cognizant of the importance of publicexpressions since it wasbuilton a strict guideline that allowed for no room for flexibility. Bythis, it can bearguedthat the New York Sonsof Libertyplayed a imperativerole in ensuring that adequate peace and freedom isachieved.That is, the group acted as an economic and community symbolicbelonging that mitigated the various indignities of the freedomaffecting the lives and relations of the colonists. Through theirdetermined leaders, the New York Sonsof Libertyworked to prevent the landing of the hated stamps. In doing this, theorganization was able to frighten the British government againsthaving its way. According to John Lamb’s papers, the idealintention of the organization is to “coordinate the activities ofthose military establishments connected with the sons.” Thisparticular statement is used to provide a clear and detaileddemonstration of why the group consistentlyfocused on using armed insurrection to help determine its realmembers. By doing this, the group was able to establish a stableworking environment that contributesto support daily activities. One of the key important things thatshould be understood is that the worldwidesuccess obtained by the New York Sonsof Libertyencouraged someorganizations key on promoting social, cultural and political peaceand freedom should try to address their issues using a similarmethod.

Insummary, the New York Sonsof Libertycan be used to demonstrate how individuals throughout the world facea lot of government harassments and imprisonment as a result of theirneed to exercise and utilize their rights to freedom of expressionthrough thought, religion,and conscience. By enabling flexibility, transparency,and accountability to exist in its system of governance, the New YorkSonsof Libertyhas helped improve the communication ability, cohesion and legalaggressiveness of somepolitical groups within the American history. Ithascontributedto ensuringthe country secrecy and security as well as the country’s citizenparticipation and their patriotism.


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