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Nonprofit Leadership


Thearticle “ChangingTimes: Entrepreneurial Leadership in a Community-Based NonprofitOrganization”was written by Joseph Santora, William Seaton, and James Sarros. Theprimary focus of the article is on the issue of organizational changein a nonprofit entity. The article presents how an entrepreneurialleader helped in introducing change into the nonprofit firm, andshows the need for a visionary and entrepreneurial leader in thetransformation of nonprofit entities (Santora et al., 1999).

Accordingto the authors, competition, customers, and change constitute forcesthat drive organizations and executives into unfamiliar territory.Entities that are not capable of responding to fast-paced changeusually face extinction. In case organizations are to survive,leaders need to respond to and control changing environments (Santoraet al., 1999). Therefore, the authors argue that there is aninterconnection amid change and the top leadership. Besides, thearticle claims that effective leadership is substantial to deal withthe changing settings involving factors such as enhancedprivatization, competition, and survival facing nonprofit companies.The CEO should actively play a central role in change through closelybeing involved in the change process.

Inshowing the importance of an entrepreneurial leader in implementingchange in a nonprofit organization, the authors carried out aresearch of an entity based in Hispania. The study revealed that theleader played a critical in transforming the company in differentways (Santora et al., 1999). He seized opportunities, createdstrategic alliances, and sought and built profit initiatives.

Thearticle argues that nonprofit community-based companies need torealize a change in the best way if they are to succeed in the highlycompetitive markets. It is the role of the CEOs of nonprofitorganizations to strike a critical balance to ensure they achievesuccess.


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