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November 28, 2016

November28, 2016

PresidentBarack Obama

TheWhite House

1600Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington,DC 20500

DearMr. President:

Iam writing to thank you for bringing change in the United States ofAmerica and allowing international students to access education inyour country. I was triumphal and grateful to learn that myapplication to study in the United States of America was accepted.

Mr.President, I cannot forget to applause you immense contribution ineliminating an individual, Osama Bin Laden, responsible for manydeaths in not only America but also other parts of the world. Youalso passed the Affordable Care Act that ensured over 20 millioncitizens in the U.S. access healthcare. During your tenure, the imageof the U.S. improved significantly, influencing many people includingme to develop a wish of spending some time in your country. Mr.President, you are renowned for reducing unemployment in the U.S. by50 percent and an indication of an improved economy during yourreign.

Asan international student, I contributed little to your candidature asa president. However, I observed the rule of law to ensure you ruledwithout any serious problems from international students. My familyalso appreciated your candidacy in the U.S. since they were assuredof me assessing education in your country.

Mr.President, the contributions of your wife, Michelle Obama to the U.S.is recognizable. Her support for eating healthier and activeness ofstudents in schools reduced the rate of obesity in the U.S. In fact,I adopted healthier styles from her. Michelle`s job as the First Ladywas fantastic.

Peaceout, President Obama. You are actually a great President.




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