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Nursing Assessment

The nurse has to obtain information regarding the patient throughquestions that aim to gather data. The questions include: where doesit hurt the most, what medications were you prescribed forpreviously, do you take supplements or other remedies, is there anymedical history of the disease in your family, has there been anychanges in your life recently, and why do you think you have lostweight. Questions are asked regarding the ability to perform thebasic and instrumental activities of daily living to assess theirfunctional status. The questions are open-ended to provide thepatient with a chance to answer it as they see fit and thus the nursecan obtain more information. In the geriatric ward, several physicalassessments are conducted to detect or help prevent or delay anyconditions (Ward et al., 2011). The cognitive functionality,urinary continence, dentition, vision/hearing, nutrition and weightchange, gait speed, imbalance and fall risk, mood disorders should beincluded in the physical assessment.

According to the records, the son has the responsibility of takingcare of the mother and therefore to come up with better financial andself-care goals for the patient the son has to involved. The patienthas to understand the living situation of the patient and how best toengage the child who has a power of attorney over the mother. Basedon the history, the patient should be put on medication that is usedto treat her conditions. The patient has been neglected by thepotential caregiver and thus the nurse has to ensure that the patientis feeding well until the legal and financial concerns can be sorted.Documentation of the history and physical assessment of the patientis significant as part of the nursing process. Documentation is donein a tabular form indicating the part of the body assessed and theobservations made by the nurse.


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